To My Daughter....

You arrived 11 years ago today at 7.11pm and exactly two weeks early.
You gave us quite a shock since we were in fact due to be moving house that day and the removal lorry was literally outside the house....
luckily your grandparents arrived to finish and supervise the move and we headed for the hospital.

I didn't have time to be nervous and after being so sure that you were a boy for 38 whole weeks, suddenly there you were....dark hair, brown eyes, all 7lbs and 13 ozs of you.
You went under the heat lamp for a little while and then eventually, Daddy went home....
and it was just you and I.
My beautiful baby girl.
I didn't sleep at all that first night in the hospital, I just couldn't stop looking at you in sheer awe and amazement.
You were my dream come true.

And even now, 11 years later, you still amaze me when I watch you.
You've been the easiest possible child....
there was the first year of course when you hardly slept but that was probably my fault since I couldn't bear to put you down and I'd walk around for hours singing and humming to you while you snoozed on my shoulder!

You were a happy baby, an easy toddler and you have always loved school....
Such an easy child to love, you made friends anywhere and everywhere.
I've never attended a school parents evening where teachers haven't mentioned your empathy and kindness.
I couldn't be more proud of you.
You are my gift.

On one of our first summer holidays in the south of France, you made friends on the beach - 
as you have continued to do every year.
Your friends weren't other children though, they were three older ladies, all 60 years old at least....
one was French, one Italian and one English....
they'd appear on the beach at different times of the day and you would go and sit with them and chat.
You would sit with them quite happily talking away for ages and they were totally charmed by you.
It's an image that I'll never forget....

And that's you all over....
you include and are aware of everyone....
you're honest, truthful and open....
if someone is in the corner of the playground all alone, they never go unnoticed by you, you have a warmth and a charm that people seem to sense.

I often feel that I can't take any credit for the way you have an innate quality about you.
You've always been much were the first child in our family, the first grandchild too.
I went back to work part-time when you were 8 months old and you were cared for on those 2-3 days a week by your two very loving grandmothers. 
I feel sure that the sense of being so loved in those early years in particular has resulted in you being the loving, gentle and kind girl you are today.
Your grandmother S always said you had a special quality about you....and she's right.
You saw your Nonna Luisa diagnosed and dying of breast cancer but you were always brave, you'd hop into bed with her at the hospice and you continued to be the same loving and affectionate child in front of her that she'd snuggled with during your afternoon nap and that she'd picked apples with in the garden.  

You aren't the most confident or outspoken child in your class, but it was you (and only you) that stood up and spoke out about a recent injustice at school, it was you who moved your teacher to tears in front of the class the other week with your wisdom and honesty and it was you about whom a teacher said to me
"you'll never have to worry about her...."

We had 4.5 years of being just the three of us before your brother came along but when he arrived, such an active, noisy, inquisitive ball of activity, you could not have loved him more.
You are wonderful big sister and I have no doubt he's the confident, happy and sunny boy he is due to the fact that he's always had you as his protector and his safety net. 
He's a lucky boy.   

You and I have always been great friends....
you still like to sleep in with me if you can and hold my hand walking to school.
I know these times are precious and fleeting  and are to be treasured....time flies.
I missed you so much on the very first day that you started school almost 7 years ago....
and I still miss you during the day, that feeling has never gone away.

You're great company, a pleasure to have around....
we laugh at the same things, we react similarly to situations and people and we cry at the same things too. 
When we went to see "Charlotte's Web" a couple of years ago, we cried so much that we were the last ones to leave the cinema!! 
Like mother, like daughter....absolutely.

I can see myself in you in so many ways....
you're the same sensible and conscientious eldest child that I was....
you're considered, measured and thoughtful.

But as much as you're like me, you are absolutely your own person too....
you're starting to have your own goals, hopes and dreams.
I want those dreams to come true and if I could wave a magic wand I would....
but I know that you will work hard, you'll travel and see the world, you'll have so much fun, you'll always have many many friends just like you do now - and you'll make your own dreams happen.

You'll always be my little girl even though I know you are on the verge of becoming a young lady - and a very accomplished one at that.

In September you will move on to secondary school, you'll still be able to walk to school but this time it will be by yourself or with friends, more independence for you....
big changes for both of us. 
Exciting ones too will be finding your wings and I know you'll cope beautifully. 
You always do.

What do you love?
you make the best pancakes and are becoming a very good baker.
you love to draw and design.
you love to read.
you love to snuggle and to chat at bedtime.
you've always been a girly girl, loving pink and pretty things.
you love your friends and your family very much.
you get travelsick every time but it doesn't stop your love of travel.
you love those animal rescue programmes where those crazy horrible people neglect their animals/pets - because "there's always a happy ending"!
you love to dance.
you love those very brightly coloured trainers (sneakers) that I bought for you at Christmastime - which-I-really-don't-like-but-I-bought-you-because-I-think-it's-really-important-to-sometimes-have-something-you-love-but-your-parents-hate :) 

Happy Birthday my precious, beautiful, sweet, sensitive and special girl....
to copy what your brother said to me yesterday on Mother's Day
"I love you even more than you think I do" :)

You are all my dreams come true....

Liz Earle Beauty Co Ltd


  1. Oh Simone...such a beautiful, beautiful piece of writing. Made me cry, spill my morning tea (!) and nod in absolute recognition at the wonder of having a daughter. As you know, Boo is just a month and a half behind, so I know, I really KNOW exactly what you mean! Happy happy birthday to your gorgeous girl. Whilst you make not take credit for how wonderful she is, reading this is can see SHE IS JUST LIKE YOU. The apple never falls that far from the tree my sweet! A lovely start to my day today - reading this is like a gift. Lou x

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Was so carried away I pressed send twice!! Ohh so lovely! L x

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Simone...your daughter must be as proud of you as you are of her...lovely, moving piece of writing and your daughter's wonderful, cheeky smile at the end is just perfect!
    Happy Birthday to your gorgeous daughter.

  5. Oh what a beautiful, beautiful post, Simone. Your daughter sounds just lovely (much like her mother! :). Wishing her a very happy birthday. xox

  6. What a beautiful letter to your sweet sweet girl. I believe that she would not be the person she is today without your love or guidance so you need to take some credit. Sending birthday wishes across the pond and big hugs from "auntie" in Canada. xoxo

  7. Wow this letter brought tears to my beautiful. Your little girl is beautiful both inside and outside. I can see you are blessed but then again, so is she!

  8. Dear Simone,
    You and your husband have produced such a lovely daughter and you both must take a little credit. She has your genes and her own too and is growing into a lovely, caring and well-rounded young lady.She is a credit to you as well as to herself.
    Many, many happy returns of the day to her and I wish her the best of birthdays.Enjoy every minute that she spends with you and cherish each one. Have a lovely day, all of you ..... birthdays are the BEST. XXXX

  9. My goodness Simone, that was lovely - you really know how to make a gal cry! I've been away from the blogsphere for a while now, but when I have dipped in, you've always been one of the first on my list. Always inspiring, always beautiful. Thank you.

  10. You make me feel happy for you to be so lucky, and sad for myself because I never had children. Well written Simone.

  11. Oh my goodness, Simone. I now have tears streaming down my face. This is such a beautiful love letter to your daughter. You were obviously blessed with a wonderful little girl, and I agree with Lou - it also seems obvious that she takes after her mom. Really lovely.

  12. What a beautiful post Simone. I was moved to tears reading it and, as a Mother to a daughter I totally understand all you say and feel. What a lucky pair you are to have each other.


  13. What a sweet sweet tribute and message to a wonderful young lady, I am sure of. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Simone! Wishing her all the happiness in the world today :) xoxo

  14. Oh, Simone - I'm not one to cry at the drop of a hat, but you got me with this letter. My daughter is turning 21 next week and I, too have the same feelings as you do about your daughter. This was such a lovely tribute to your daughter and to you and your husband, as parents. She sounds like a lovely, lovely young lady and you definitely have every right to be so proud! Much love to all of you on today, this special birthday! xxoo

  15. I sit here in tears reading this beautiful letter to your beautiful O. It has been a treasure to watch her grow up....seems like just yesterday it was the craziness of you moving and giving birth all at once! I only hope I can wrap my arms around her in person one day. You are so blessed to have each other...I hope she enjoys a wonderful Birthday! oxox

  16. Goosebumps Simone. What a precious, precious daughter you have. God bless you for recognising her amazing qualities and speaking the beauty of them back into her life. She will never forget this letter. I have to say, she sounds awfully like you! I'd so love to meet her. Maybe when I'm 60 and sitting on a beach in the south of France?? Give her a birthday hug from me. Meredy xo

  17. This is just beautiful. She sounds like a very special young lady.

  18. So beautiful, you should print this out and show it to her in 11 more years time :)

  19. Very touching and beautiful. I hope she will read this amazing love letter.

  20. I just happened across your blog today. Are all your posts going to leave me in floods of tears, hugging my one-year-old daughter like I will never let her go?
    I'm not sure I can take it! Such a beautiful love letter.

  21. I just happened across your blog today. Are all your posts going to leave me in floods of tears, hugging my one-year-old daughter like I will never let her go?
    I'm not sure I can take it! Such a beautiful love letter.

  22. Wow Sim!!! What a beautiful and powerful letter to your gorgeous daughter. It would be lovely to frame and give to her when she's older or on her wedding day ;-)
    Clearly you must take the credit for what a lovely human being she is turning out to be xx

  23. Yep, pretty much in floods here too! I want to write that for my daughter too!

  24. That is absolutely gorgeous, Simone. Even as I was half asleep here, having my coffee, trying to get myself up for work, I was so moved that now I am fully awake (that is QUITE a feat, TRUST ME) and in tears. Please, please, please make sure she reads this...if not now, then eventually. What a special person you have as a daughter. And yes, I do think I agree...that we as parents do some of the work, but so much of it is innate within them. What a gift.

  25. Happy Birthday to your treasure, and congratulations to the proud moma!Lovely post.

  26. tears from me- tears that i *know* this beautiful girl you have written about with such love... and with such passion for....

    my only regret is that my *E* didn't have tea with us as they are two peas in a wonderful, giving, generous, aware, amazing pod...

    give your special girl a huge hug from me- remind her of how blessed i truly feel that *A* got to hold her hand, that she took her into look at pencils and note books and dolls whilst we shared a coffee and a real start to our online friendship...

    that equally beautiful little *A* of yours is truly lucky, as is our *S*, to have such a sister to guide him through life...

    missing you, for all the times in London we could have had, when i read this, and see that last photo- beautiful....M xxxx

  27. I'm simply touched with this post.
    What a beautiful birthday wishes for daughter written here.
    I'm simply hooked and my heart was captured,
    Happy birthday to your daughter.


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