What A Swell Party....

What a fabulous 40th birthday party this is, I spotted it on 100 Layer Cake yesterday and loved it....
the details, the way they have featured orange throughout, the lights and candles, the fact it's in a gorgeous house in New York, the fabulous food....and the "Love, Laughter and Smiles" theme....
absolutely wonderful.

Putting it in my "party file"....it's been way too long since I had a birthday party of my own ;)


  1. Wow, I'm not usually a huge fan of orange but this works so well!

  2. That's one party that I would have liked to have been invited to Simone. The seting, the house .... THE FOOD !!
    ....and, I'm not really fussed on orange but, for a party it's a wonderful colour and so the colour of the season. If you ever have one like this, I hope that my invitation will be in the post.....I hope that my invitation will be in the post whatever colour and theme your party is !! haha.
    Enjoy the weather today.....it's going to be beautiful. XXXX

  3. Beautiful party and I even like orange. For me, it looks like a University of Texas party (burnt orange is their color), the only thing missing is the longhorn !!

  4. How gorgeous!! Loving all of the orange, and the romantic candles...just beautiful!


  5. Orange is such a happy colour, isn't it? This makes me think I should be using it more!!

    I've just stumbled across your blog and have a very lovely read!! Where have I been all this time? I love the mix of things you blog about - I've signed up to follow you!


  6. That looks like a fabulous party...I love the lighting too! xxoo

  7. I think that you deserve the biggest best party ever and I hope I get an invitation. xo


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