Friday Fabulousness....

The Duchess of Cambridge in Matthew Williamson in London this week....

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes on Monday....I had a such a great birthday!

I read somewhere that you should plan just three things for your week-end - 
if they all happen then you'll feel happy, if they don't happen then it doesn't really matter 
- and if you do more than three things, even better!! 3 are :
Fri - making a pavlova for a party tomorrow night
(still working on perfecting my meringues, so fingers crossed!)

Sat - a long walk somewhere/anywhere
(April has so far been the wettest month in England for years, rain has hardly stopped this week!)

Sun - birthday lunch at Moro
(I've been wanting to go here forever, the food is a-maz-ing!)

My Twitter account has been hacked twice this week so my apologies to anyone who follows me....
I have now changed my password twice and hope it will not happen again. 
My account has been sending out direct messages to my followers telling them that horrible things are being said about them online and attaching a link - not very nice. 
I have no idea how this has happened - but I am sorry :)

The winners of the Mediterranean Essentials are :
Irene, Kate Cunningham, Splenderosa and Cassandra
Please contact me by email with your name & address :) 

Have a great week-end!


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  1. ahh so beautiful inspiration images for the weekend... your plans sound wonderful. have a fabulous weekend, darling!

    caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry

  2. Loved the duchess of cambridge's outfit but then i am biased as i love her style generally.

    Hoping to go on a walk this weekend myself lets hope the rain holds off.

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  6. Have a lovely weekend, Simone! Hope to get to do your three things but if not - no matter :)

  7. Have a wonderful weekend my friend! I will send you all of my pavlova juju your way~ Enjoy your lunch and please share afterwards!

  8. Beautiful post, Simone! I love the pictures of Kate. Even though I'm much older than her, she's a style icon for me. I think it's because even though she's lovely, it's an accessible know what I mean?

    Sorry about your hacking situation. Sadly, it could happen to any of us. I knew immediately that it was NOT you!

    A belated happy birthday to you, and I hope your weekend is wonderful!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  9. The menu is gorgeous - I'd go for the lamb with mojo rojo - definitely... Hope you have a lovely time.

  10. I love your Friday posts, Simone ;-)
    Sounds like a great weekend planned, enjoy!
    Thanks for popping by...Marylebone High Street...good call...don't forget your umbrella tomorrow!!!!

  11. Hello!! Spookily, two of these images I nearly used this week! We are just a step away from each other in terms of what we like! I didn't get any nasty twitter messages from you but I did from someone else's account. It did spook me abit til I worked it out. Made me think how curious we are as humans - so worried what other people think. When I saw it saying 'there are rumours about you' I immediately believed that there must be! Silly really. Anyway - hope your meringue go well. And you will get your apothecary parcel within days :-) L x

  12. Hello birthday girl! Hope you had a fabulous day. xx

    I love the idea of a three-step-plan for a weekend. I will try that and for this particular one - which in Sweden happens to be a 4-day weekend - I am listing a yoga class with the kids, one nice cafe style lunch, a walk or bike ride in the sunshine (yep we have sun - yay) and a home made baked treat of some sort. Manageable I think! :)

    Congratulations on your winners. Lucky gals!

    Hugs and happy weekend. Have a brilliant time at Moro and good luck with the baking.

    xx Charlotta

  13. They sound like grand plans. If your recipe fails, go to my fail-proof one here ( I hope the sun finally pokes its head out for you. J x

  14. Oh Happy Birthday Simone, I hope it has been fabulous!!

    Adore Kate's Dress! Also congrats to the winners I know they will enjoy the pampering!

    Art by Karena

  15. Belated birthday wishes Simone! I like the idea of picking three things and sticking to them...I am a hopeless wanderer.
    Love pavlovas with lots of cream and raspberries...

    A walk in the rain ( we must do what we must do).

    A birthday lunch...with lots of champagne, I hope.

    Hope the kids are taking a rest this afternoon!

    Jeanne xx

  16. Beautiful pictures Simone as usual. I like the 3 things rule ~ of course one of my things is a given every week-end so would that be cheating?? I saw that on twitter ~ maddening when some people have nothing better to do then to make another ones life miserable isn't it!
    Hope your pavlova turned out ~ you got for your walk today (we had snow flurries!) and have a fabulous lunch tomorrow. Hugs to you sweet girl. xo

  17. Happy belated birthday! I hope there was lots of champagne and cake and nice pressies in beautiful wrappers.
    That last picture is absolutely gorgeous. I am in desperate need of a holiday AGAIN - it's ridiculous really, we have just came back, but this building site is freaking me out and the weather doesn't make it any better. Moan, moan, moan ;-) xx

  18. Happy Birthday Simone

    A beautiful post and I love pavlova but to date have been unsuccessful in making it.

    Sorry about your twitter account being compromised. It can be frustrating, however, your followers understand.

    My best wishes for a new week full of joy
    Helen xx

  19. Sweet London girl- I hope you got my birthday messages...I was thinking of you whilst walking the between the rain we have also had here in Sydney...I'm building us an Ark!

    How beautiful is that first image....simple & divine...

    and Catherine- what can I say...I thought of her yesterday on Audrey's birthday - the first Anniver for the Duke & Duchess- she is a delight in every way...mush like our little Audrey who is growing with all this sunshine and rain!

    Hoping you walked and ate and celebrated all week...

    big hugs from Down Here...M xxxx

  20. Simone!!!

    Happy birthday for the other day :) Im so sorry i missed it! hope you had an amazing day!

    love your collection of pictures. i love kate

    i hope you had a great weekend Simmmmmy xx


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