Happy Weekend....

Isn't this the most amazing space?

....such emotion, this is a wonderful photo....

....rooftop loveliness....

Super-busy week this week...and not nearly enough blogging!!

Lots of exercise, planning, talking and healthy eating thanks to my new personal trainer....
it's been fantastic and something I'll definitely be sharing more about here on my blog.

Off to Bath for the day tomorrow, I can't wait....see you on Monday!

Happy Week-end!

Liz Earle Beauty Co Ltd

I bought this at Christmas and absolutely LOVE it....
so refreshing, I use it in the mornings instead of water on my face.


  1. She gives you an emotional picture with adoring groom gazing rapturously at pretty wife.... and then she goes and puts mouth-watering brownies with something wonderful dripping from them immediately below......... talk about distracting...
    Hope you loved Bath - there are lots of lovely little shops of the type you would enjoy, and hope there were performing clowns outside the Pump Room, which is always fun. And did you go to Sally Lunns for tea and have a delicious Sally Lunn bun?

  2. I want that bedroom view! Love the champagne quote - I have a few bottles in my frig perhaps I should crack one open! Enjoy your day in Bath -it sounds much more interesting than my day in Santa Monica. xxoo

  3. Have a wonderful time in Bath, it is so beautiful there.

    I am such a devotee of Liz Earle, I have been using her products for just over a year and cannot recommend them highly enough.


  4. Have fun in Bath and the sun is shining ;-) I love the Bath stone town houses so elegant...I have happy memories of Bath as Victoria use to compete regularly at the University in her competitive swimming days...have a wonderful day!

  5. Fabulous bedroom - all of that light! Good for you getting a personal trainer! I have been seduced by the idea of trying Gwynneth Paltrow's 'GOOP' recommended cleanse in yet another attempt to get 'healthy' this year! Look forward to hearing about your results - perhaps it will inspire me to actually 'try' the cleanse, rather than simply 'read' about it when the book arrives... Enjoy Bath - beautiful city. x

  6. Have fun in Bath Sim. Images are gorgeous and can't wait to hear how the fitness training is going.
    Have a lovely week Sweets xx

  7. A feast of lovely images - and that is surely my motto for life! I loved your photographic tour of London too. Totally agree with you about this lovely city :)

  8. What beautiful pictures....each one so different but telling their own tale. The Champagne quote is probably my favourite though ;-)

  9. that most beautiful photos, I love your blog, kisses


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