I Heart London....

Borough Market, London's best market for foodies....

The Shard....not quite finished but currently the tallest building in Europe.... 

The Monument....built in Pudding Lane to commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1666....

The London Eye on London's South Bank....

Blossom in St James's Park

Big Ben and Westminster Underground Station....

Tower Bridge.... 

London cupcakes....more about these to come soon :)

I've lived in London since I was 6 years old....
I went to school here and I've always worked here.
I grew up in south London and now I live in north London.
I'm without doubt a city girl.
I love the hustle and bustle, the vibrancy, the noise....
the culture, the people, the streetlights....
London is exciting, it's a city full of contrasting neighbourhoods....

I rarely drive around the city and, if possible, always opt to take public transport....
I don't travel at rush hour very often any more but I love the Underground and the red London buses.
If I have the luxury of time, I'll quite happily head for my destination on the top deck of a bus and watch the city unfold before me.
My children marvel that I always know how to get "everywhere"....but I have lived here nearly all my life and town has always seemed like an adventure to me ever since I starting exploring it alone as a teenager.

I love the culture and history of cities such as Florence and Rome, the buzz of New York City and the sheer chic of Paris....
but London is definitely my home.

I take my children on trips into the city as often as possible....
I want them to love it like I do, 
to walk and walk....and walk some more, 
to really soak up the atmosphere and appreciate how lucky they are to live here.
It's a big city but it's also their home. 

I also want them to feel confident about venturing out into town in hope that even these small trips will sow the seeds of the adventurers and world travellers I hope they will become.

Last Friday we wandered along the banks of the River Thames
....from the Monument and across London Bridge to Borough Market for lunch. Then past the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern to the South Bank. Past the London Eye, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament to St James's Park and Buckingham Palace.

Seeing it through my children's eyes is making me see it afresh and fall in love with it all over again.
It suddenly occurred to me last week as we were out and about in town that I am enjoying the city right now as much as I've ever done.
Sightseeing with my children has given me a new energy and enthusiasm for London. 
I share stories and answer their questions, we buy food in the market, watch the entertainers along the river, stop for tea and cake, change from the train to the bus, climb aboard the London Eye and go to the top of the Monument....

I see the city as they see it and I realise that although my list of places to see around the world is as long as my arm, I'd never really want to live anywhere else and that is a lovely feeling.

(All photos were taken by me....I also compiled the collages. I am telling you that because you can't even imagine how long they took me!! Is there an easier way than using Picasa? Please say yes ;)) 


Anthropologie (UK)

The White Company


  1. What a wonderful adventure! I truly could very easily live in London. It's such a fabulous city. Thanks so much for sharing your London with us! Have a wonderful day, sweet Simone! xxoo

  2. I miss London!!! Hubby and I have been there like 4 times, LOVE that place:) Thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. Oh love this Simone...thanks for sharing your snaps.

    not sure what else you can use re collages :(

  4. These are gorgeous. I'd love to visit someday!

  5. Oh, Simone I so agree with you...you're a wonderful ambassador for London...the best city in the world!
    Like you I've always taken my daughter everywhere in London and she adores it too...she's moving to Canada Water next month renting a flat there until she can, she says, afford Canary Wharf!
    You should write a book on 'Your London' ;-)
    Your piece on Meryl yesterday inspired my post today.

  6. Dear Simone,
    I ♥ London as much as you do and have lived in North London all of my life ( although I am now just on the periphery, but still only 20 minutes from Liverpool Street).
    Your photographs are lovely and really give the atmosphere of London. We have travelled quite a lot, but I still think that London is the best city in the world. XXXX

  7. That is such a lovely post; beautiful pictures and moving words. Thank you. I am so happy now in the north of Scotland, but loved London with a passion for all the years I lived there, and still have a soft spot in my heart for the old lady. (And I am convinced she is a lady.)

  8. fabulous photos....the city looks utterly divine....can't imagine living anywhere else in UK....and really want one of those cakes now!!

  9. Lovely post. I am reminded how much exploring I have left to do - I've been to London, but only for a few days (such a tease!). I feel exactly the same way about Boston, although I didn't grow up here. It is most definitely home for me. How wonderful to live exactly where you are meant to be!

  10. I really just couldn't stop looking at the old Photo's. This is a supurb post. I love London too.

  11. Fab post - made me miss London - there's nowhere like it. Your lucky kids being in the heart of the city and getting to explore it with you. The fashion, the art, the great variety of everything.... Enjoy!

  12. I live in London and love it too although now we live a bit further out--but although some days I complain about it there is nowhere like it.

  13. I loved this post Simone! When I first moved to London I wasn't sure that I would ever adjust to living in such a large city that can feel quite isolating at times...but now, after 6 years, I'm not sure I can imagine living anywhere else...

  14. Oh Simone - what a lovely post! Over the past 2 years, few things have made me miss living in London, but I have to say that this has struck a chord. I too am a South London girl born and bred, and apart from 3 years at University in Bristol (another great city,)London was my home for 40 years! I have no regrets about leaving to live in the countryside, but I have to say that I take great pride in being originally from London, and my heart will always belong there. x

  15. your photos may have taken ages to put together but it was so worth it!! They look awesome! After spending last July out and about I came to a new and deeper love of London and most of the places you shared. I wish I could live there!!


  16. and it is so easy to love that city!
    need to visit again as soon as possible :) Great pictures by the way!
    xx Nora


  17. A post very close to my heart being a Londoner. Can't wait to return and discover it (maybe with you as my guide ;-) xx

  18. Must.come.visit.you.soon! :))

  19. CERTAINLY Miami is waaaay different from London, but I do feel the same way: I love where I live. It is quite a relief, really, to be able to come home from a trip, and know that you actually like the place in which you live. Then again, the only place I have come back from and wished I lived there instead was Hawaii.

  20. Lovely snapshots darling. I too heart London - it was my home for 8 lovely years. So many fond memories and so many places I miss.
    You know we are moving to England next year. We must meet up then - will be wonderful!
    In fact it reminds me that I would love it if you allowed me to pick your brain. I have never lived in London with kids and need some help in finding a good area. Looking at Henley on Thames or somewhere similar.. Let us touch base.

    Big hugs to you and so sorry for my lack of visits. Life is sucking me in.. but I think of you so often and wonder how you are.

    xx Charlotta

  21. Thanks, I just feel like I've been on a little holiday. I hope to make it to London one day. Enjoy

  22. I love this post Simone ~ it truly shows how much you truly love your home ~ your city. Seeing it again through the kid's eyes must be quite the feeling of bliss ~ the stories you must have to tell ~ I will have to go over for a month to get only part of it in!!

    Becky turned me on to PicMonkey but they have a little banner that says "collages coming soon" ~ check with Kim ~ I betcha she can point you in the right direction. xo

  23. As a bit of a country girl I never appreciated cities when I was younger. Now, they are the most amazing places with so much to offer. I'm looking forward to taking my nine year old to London on our next visit back to the UK. She was a toddler when we were there last and I'm getting excited about visiting as a tourist and 'doing' the sights!
    Have a great weekend.

  24. What a beautiful post! How nice of you to share our special view of the city with your children and us.

    The photos ad fabulous.

    As for that pic monkey is an easy place to make collages and to edit your photos.

    Have a great weekend, Elizabeth


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