Summer Beauty Guest Blog : Me & My Summer....

Summer to me means utter simplicity

Eating fresh and healthy. (It's so much easier to do in summer)
Dressing super casually - in denim shorts or a dress and thongs.
Hardly ever taking my bikini off. 
Rarely wearing any make-up or styling my hair. 
Instead, just letting it form into loose beach curls

Getting outside every single day.
Fruit smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch and BBQs on our back deck for dinner.
Waking up for the sunrise.
Falling asleep with sand in the bed

The sound of the waves.
The salty air.
The smell of sun cream.
Staring out to the horizon.
Jumping into the ocean

Drives and walks along the coast.
Insane amounts of fresh seafood.
Playing backyard cricket.
Camping with family friends

Late afternoon beers with friends.
Reading by the pool.
Falling asleep in the sun...

It's the season where I most feel like myself. 
The best version of myself. I get up earlier. 
Get outside as much as possible. Feel the most inspired.
And the happiest.

I love summer

Sophie writes the blog 
She's a gorgeous and very happy Australian 
(altho to be honest I'm not sure if there are any other kinds of Aussies based on the many that I've met...they're all like that!!),

 currently living in Wales....she's a girl full of energy, life and positivity.
She's also a fabulous photographer....she's recently started up her own Etsy shop selling her own beautiful photos and, if you love France, you should take a look at her posts about her recent trip travelling from Paris through France. 



  1. HOW beautiful post!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Full of joy,happinnes and SO great sunshining:-)*

    Thank you for share link about Sophie from the ''Litllest Things''!


  2. What a gorgeous, happy post and some fantastic images! Sophie has a wonderful blog - it's always a delight to read.

    On another note - the sun's out and I'm just smiling, smiling, smiling - everyone in England say YAY!!
    Paula x

  3. Love Sophie's blog and pictures. Adore her optimism and joy. Happy!

  4. Beautiful summer post! Unique photography and texture.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  5. Sounds perfect Sophie...gorgeous images too...we even have a little bit of our own Summer here at the moment, fingers crossed it lasts ;-)
    And Simone...I'm talking about Ines again today...

  6. Thank you and your guest blogger Sopphie for this wonderful paean to summer!
    May both of you experience the summer of your dreams, over and over,

  7. It doesn't get any better than this does it?

  8. Love it! Summer just makes everything feel better. I have followed Sophies fabulous french escapades and have enjoyed it so much! Happy weekend, Simone! xxoo

  9. I love Sophie! She's one of my faves! (love her blog too!)

  10. Ooh Simone! Thanks for the introduction to my compatriot - I'm scooting over to Sophie's now ☺. J x

  11. Sophie...this so captures your whole vibe. I recognise lots of the images as frankly I read everything you blog anyway. Love the summer beach shots. I will always associated with you. I have that Sydney pool shot up in my lounge now and every person who has visited my house has asked about it. As in 'is that real???' I love love love it. It's a happy making picture. So - happy Friday to you...and to the lovely Simone. Lou x


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