Summer Beauty : Ojon Haircare

I only recently discovered Ojon, a range of hair treatments which originated in South America....
a golden elixir from the ojon tree and a brand which focuses on restoring dry and damaged hair.

My coloured hair nearly always feels dry so my search for products which will give it shine and vibrancy is permanently ongoing.

Ojon products are all made with 100% natural ingredients & natural essential oils - no parabens, paraffin or animal-tested ingredients.

I have been testing out the Ojon Dry Recovery range for the past month and have to say that I am very pleased with it. The Dry Recovery range is made with Blue Agave nectar which is known for its ability to instantly drench dry dehydrated hair with moisture and to help hair retain it.

I have been using the Dry Recovery hydrating shampoo and conditioner plus the Revitalising Moisture Mist and the Intensive Hydrating 2 Minute Hair Mask.

I change my hair products fairly frequently but I wouldn't hesitate to buy all the products again, the hair mask in particular was fantastic and perfect as summer approaches. 

These products will definitely be in my suitcase this August :)

Anthropologie (UK)


  1. Hi! I am Talia and thrilled to have won your Beach Essentials Goodies give-a-way! My email is

    Thank you!! :)

  2. LOVE some Ojon haircare! I am a big fan on the restorative treatment! xox


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