What To Buy HIm...?

My husband has a big birthday coming up next month and I need some help & inspiration for a really great birthday gift.

He really loves....

New York City
eating out

I think you can probably see a theme here!

I'm looking for something original though....

a fantastic print of NYC would be perfect as would a "Daddy" related print.
Also, an amazing cooking experience?
It doesn't have to be huge and a collection of smaller well-chosen gifts would also be good. 

A short flight or a train journey within Europe is also an option - his birthday is on a Sunday so we could fly somewhere for 24-36 hours.

If you have any ideas at all - a website or Etsy shop, please feel free to suggest them!

I need to get whatever it is to London by July 6 (his birthday is July 8)
and I am very happy to purchase internationally (he'd love that!) as long as the company concerned ships to the UK.



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  2. I think the amazing cooking experience is the one I would go with.

  3. My birthday is the 8th too :) I'm going to Wireless festival that Sunday to celebrate! That's not related to food though, so not very helpful an idea! Hope you find something lovely for him, Maddi xx

  4. How about a wonderful cooking class in Italy (or a fabulous restaurant) - a quick yet deliciously rewarding and romantic adventure!


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