This week-end is our annual camping trip with friends to Suffolk.
We're not natural campers that's for sure but this is our 5th year of going with 10 other families and it's always a great week-end.

We go to a large campsite in the middle of a forest, set our tents up in a circle, build a pretty impressive kitchen on one side and we're good to go!
We arrange for a local supermarket to deliver food, our local butcher packs up burgers/sausages etc in cooler boxes for us for the BBQ and we all bring our best salads for Friday night and favourite cakes for Saturday tea.
We also have a cocktail hour each evening :)    

My children of course absolutely love it....
from the minute we arrive, they grab their bikes, find their friends and they're off....
the freedom & space for them is fabulous.

And for the grown-ups....
well, there is great food, the company of friends all week-end & lots of laughter.
Tea & & games....

"Glamping" aka "glamorous camping" is increasingly popular these days....
I love our large tent & if it came with a real bed and duvet, I could probably be persuaded to go more often!!

Take a look at some of the great camp-sites on offer below.... 

"Hobbit House", Cornwall, children would LOVE this!

Camp Kerala specialise in luxury tents at festivals and can also provide up to 30 large tents for wedding!! 

Featherdown Farms...."civilised rural breaks"....
I have a few friends with children who have stayed at various Featherdown Farm locations around the UK and loved it.
It's camping but with wooden floors, a stove and proper beds! 
They provide you with a larder to cook or you can eat with them -  and all the locations are on real farms so that children can help with feeding the animals etc.

Camping in the Dordogne, France - luxury tents with a swimming pool & tennis court.


  1. It's sounding to me like you're an East Anglian at heart Simone! First Norfolk, then Suffolk - You need to find yourself a nice big Georgian pile and move up here permanently - lol!

    We went to a Featherdown Farm site near the Lake District for a long weekend last year. The tent was beautiful - truly amazing and beautifully done, and I would have had a good time...had it not rained torrentially EVERY SINGLE DAY - quite an experience!
    Enjoy your weekend - and may the sun be your constant companion!!!
    Paula xxx

  2. I'm not into camping,
    but if someone ask me to camp out in any of those tents,
    I'd go in a heartbeat.

  3. I would be much more into camping if the inside of my tent looked like that!

    Love this!

    Belle epoque

  4. Aaahhh - I need a holiday right now! Christa

  5. That's my kinda camping Simone ..... have a fun weekend. XXXX

  6. We are loving camping again here. All the gear comes with us though! Fluffy duvets, big airbeds, espresso pot, wine. The kids love just being outside, and we have found a fab campsite right by the beach which is just perfect. Counting the days until our next trip.
    Have fun.

  7. Hi Simone,

    I am so sorry I haven't visit for a while. Have you come to Villefranche already or is it anytime soon?
    Like last year, if is anything you need, let me know.
    If you are interested in visit somewhere fun with the kids on a rainy day or a special something that you need, let me know.
    You know where to find me and if you like I can pass you my number.
    I leave it up to you!
    Always a pleasure to visit your blog.
    Enjoy your glamping! Eliana

  8. ...been catching up with your blog. no need in anwering my questions. You are coming in august so my offer is on the table....take care.
    And dont worry I am not a crazy person following you or anything like it...just another blogger who lives around here. xoxo

  9. The picture with the white shag rug in the tent made me laugh out loud! ;-)

    Your camping weekend sounds like a summer dream for adults and children alike. Enjoy and have a safe weekend,

  10. Wow, I think even I could become a 'Glamping' fan in one of these fabulous tents.
    Hope you and your family have the best time .

  11. Sign me up, that is my kind of camping trip and if you add the first few tents with the beds, even better! haha...Have a fabulous time - it sounds like alot of fun! xxoo

  12. I love hearing about your annual camping trip! I have not been in years because sleeping on the ground in a tent went away with my youth ~ I do require a better bed now or a huge air mattress! Have a blast sweet girl. xo

  13. Oh I'm absolutely loving the idea of luxury camping, your trip sounds like it's going to be extremely fun! Do you bring your own kitchen equipment or rent it all for the occasion?
    I think I may have to plan a group camping trip myself now!!

  14. Sounds like a lovely time. Enjoy!


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