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Live, Love, Laugh longer with MASQUELIER’s®

Mediterranean diet is good for the brain as well as well as the body. 
It has long been thought to improve heart health.

Whilst it’s pleasant to imagine enjoying long leisurely lunches of home grown and home cooked ingredients, eating freshly caught fish and sipping red wine, for many of us, it’s just not possible outside of holidays and special occasions. 
The reality of our everyday lives is busy days and rushed meals!

Scientists worldwide have been studying the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle to understand why their life expectancy was so high and people aged so well. 
Apart from the sunshine and siesta’s that are common in the Mediterranean region, their diet is widely believed to be key - high in ‘Omega’ unsaturated fatty acids from oily fish, antioxidants from virgin olive oil and specific flavanols found in red wine.

The traditional Mediterranean diet can be the key to a healthier, longer life.

MASQUELIER's® Mediterranean Essentials has harnessed three of the essential ingredients of the traditional Mediterranean diet in an easy-to-take capsule so you can enjoy some of the benefits too.

The super-antioxidants of virgin olive oil
Omega fatty acids of fresh fish
Specific oligomeric proanthocyandins (OPCs) of good red wine.

I have been trying the Mediterranean Essentials out for the past two months and definitely plan to continue taking them. 
I am a big fan of the typical Mediterranean diet and during my summers in France - apart from the benefits of sunshine - my diet is always healthier & I feel better within days of being there.

Mediterranean Essentials are available online here and cost £19.95 for 30 tablets. 


  1. I wonder if it would be more effective if I followed this DURING A SUMMER IN FRANCE?? Just a hopeful thought :)

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