I'm heading for France next week and can never think of St Tropez and the French Riviera without thinking of the gorgeous Brigitte Bardot.... 
the original "sex kitten" & bikini girl....

Actress, model, singer, animal rights activist & four times married, she certainly lived life to the full.

I think she was absolutely beautiful....totally feminine & irresistibly French.   


  1. oh so beautiful pictures, Simone! gorgeous. xo

    caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry

  2. She is stunning! Gorgeous photos. Saint tropez is my next vacation destination.. Such a beautiful spot :)

  3. Ooo lucky you...and yes, she is stunning!

  4. Hi Simone! Its been a while..:) So funny.. I just read an article about her yesterday! What magazine? I have so many... I just picked it up and read it. She lives in her house in Saint Tropez.. that I! Hope all well.

  5. She is absolutely beautiful! A style inspiration. Have so much fun in France!


  6. Stunning photos, but as beautiful as Bardot is on the outside she is a million times more beautiful on the inside for caring for animals like she does.


  7. Beautiful images of this wonderful lady...I love her spirit. People compare Claudia Schiffer to Brigitte but for me there is only one Bardot...exquisite.
    So glad you're enjoying the Olympics, Simone...I think it is quite brilliant the BBC are outstanding; I can watch it all although swimming and athletics are definitely my favourite oh and the tennis and the rowing ;-)
    Hope your daughter enjoys the basketball today; what an experience for her; one she can tell her children.
    Sorry, this is a long comment....listen to
    it will make you shed a tear and I'm not sure how old your daughter is but it's just perfect mother/daughter song...I sent it to Victoria.

  8. Gosh! I always loved her. I saw her house in Paris. Hoping I would get a glimpse of her. Great shot in the hat. She was beautiful without the heavy makeup.
    Nice Post--\yvonne

  9. She is so breathtakingly beautiful!
    Have a great trip...I know you will come back inspired!
    --Lee Ann

  10. Yes heavenly...

    In a lovely big sun hat she is almost Kate Moss!

    M xx

  11. Have you seen photos of her lately? Major sun damage.


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