Not long now.....

....30 hours and counting!!
photo via Daily Mail


  1. So are we Down Under...Sol and I just finished his year 6 assignment on the Sydney Olympics- where I was pregnant with him...

    Great excitement in our little beach house....

    M xx

  2. it was exciting yesterday in Cardiff with the first football match kicking it off. Great atmosphere. My middle son Louie is a flag bearer for some of the footballl games here, he starts on Saturday, so excited for him. I imagine there is a great buzz in London..........of course :) Claire x

  3. So excited Simone... kind of wish I was there! I will be watching the opening ceremony... can't wait... xv

  4. I'm so not into it and then I walked straight into the olympic torch running past me this morning and found it all quite moving!!

  5. We'll be watching and cheering for Team GB (but with an eye on Team US now that we're living here!). I'd love to see how London looks right now - fabulous I bet. Hope the (British) media doesn't give it too bad press.

  6. Hi Simone,
    As an early cynic, I am now beyond excited for the games to start.
    Didn't get tickets, but will be glued to the tv for the next 2 weeks.
    Happy days,


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