Room With A View....

Some beautiful spaces here....wonderfully inspiring.

I have only ever lived in a home with very clearly defined rooms and spaces - as is the case with most British homes - but the potential in these large open plan spaces is quite something, the possibilities are endless.

Anthropologie (UK)


  1. Those are all gorgeous spaces that I could easily live in - overlooking a gorgeous park or ocean would make it perfect! xxoo

  2. I am with you Simone...these would all be wonderful spaces to 'create' in.... :) xx

  3. These spaces are perfect Simone ~ like you I have only lived in placed within defined rooms. Growing up I dreamt about living in a loft space ~ just like the movie Ghost ~ of course I wanted to live with Patrick too ~ oh well! When we were looking at building a few years back one of the things I wanted was an open concept living/dining/kitchen ~ it is just better for everything I think!

  4. Gorgeous rooms. The 2nd photo is my favourite. I love the open plan look. We are kind of getting there with a large open kitchen / dining / living area and we are thinking of taking one more wall down to create an even larger space. It creates so much light and for us we'd get more use of a room that righ now we hardly use.

  5. Very cool and stylish! It would have been wonderful to live in something like this pre-kids, or when they were babies - I love the image of a tricycle scooting through these open spaces - but now that the children are getting older, I think that we all appreciate having our defined parts of the house to retreat to for some peace and quiet!!
    Paula x

  6. Oh my goodness. That empty space with the tall windows, light hardwood and white walls? I need to live there like yesterday. That would have to be my DREAM home in a nutshell :) Sigh. Open concept living is simply the best, Simone! xoxo

  7. This makes me want to move to NYC right now... Before we moved back to West London, we briefly considered buying a loft in the East End. Too little green spaces and no good schools around, so the loft dream remained just that...

  8. I think of this all the time. It must be so appealing because it's vast openness makes us feel serene.

  9. Wow! No. 5 for me...what a view!!
    Have a great week, Simone...are you enjoying the Olympics?


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