What A Show!!

Such fantastic scenes in London last night for the Opening Ceremony of the XXX Olympic Games.
A brilliantly creative & inspiring ceremony from Danny Boyle....
I thought it was absolutely fantastic, it was visually stunning - 
I felt incredibly proud of London & of being British. 


  1. Ahhh,Simone, to have been there and capture the spirit of the city and the excitement must be wonderful. The lighting of the eternal flame was the most beautiful I've ever seen, it brought me to tears of joy. xx's

  2. what a wonderful beautiful city!!
    love these images
    especially mary poppins ;)

  3. Loved every minute of it- it was beautiful and fabulous! Enjoy all the festivities! xxoo

  4. Hurrah to that. It was simply stunning and inspired. Britain at it's best, I am so proud to be British.

    James Bond and Her Majesty the Queen.....Genius!

    Have a wonderful summer Simone.

  5. You certainly should have felt proud. It was spectacular!

  6. I heard the opening ceremonies were fabulous! I did not watch it. I love all your photos...XoXo

  7. They had me at David Beckham in a suit on a boat. :)

  8. It must be wonderful to be in the UK right now! We caught most of the opening ceremony, although the time difference makes it a little difficult in our corner of the world ;) I thought it was stunning, and loved the cauldron. I am already losing loads of sleep due to watching random events even though I am usually not at all into sports!

  9. So wish I could have been there. The atmosphere must have been electrifying all over London. The whole world is still talking about what a spectacular show it was.
    Not long now for your hols Sim; I'm sure you are bursting with excitement xx

  10. Oh yes I loved it so much! Hard to pick a favourite bit - though I did applaud when the Queen made her dramatic entrance!! I bet Prince William was called upon to do a little persuasion to get her to take part in that!!

  11. You have good reason to be proud Simone ~ I got goose bumps a couple of times and the caldron is so so cool by far my favorite part of the show. Play on!

  12. The opening ceremony was stunning. I've enjoyed every last minute of the games. We're a bit obsessed in our household. The 3-year-old even chants USA USA USA.


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