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I think this has probably been the fastest week of my career as a "school mother".
It's amazing how different life seems now with my children at different schools for the first time & my daughter just having started secondary school.

While it is undoubtedly my daughter who is the one having the busier day - having moved from a very small school to an enormous one - 
I of course have a million and one questions for her when she arrives homes every evening!
I feel as exhausted with it all as she does!

She's exhilarated & so happy in her new environment...
everything is exciting, there are new subjects, books, people, food, sports, buildings....
she has totally taken it all in her stride, she's getting up earlier, planning her day, organising herself.

I honestly feel as though she's grown up right in front of my eyes in just a week.
She's is obviously being supported at home & at school but the onus is on her to handle it all - and she is, beautifully.
I'm proud of her - of course - but I'm just thrilled (and relieved) to see her so happy & enthusiastic.

I've had a lovely week getting my familiar term-time routine back in place....
catching up with friends and dealing with some work/blog-related plans.

I attended a wonderful blogger launch for The Cake and Bake Show next week-end of which I will share more next week.

I have also been invited to visit Prague in two weeks time....a short visit but one I am extremely excited about!!

The weather is becoming decidedly autumnal & the evenings are darker....
I do love summer but very possibly I love autumn even more :)
I am hanging on to my sandals for another week or so....but secretly can't wait to rescue my winter boots from storage!

Happy Week-end!!


  1. So happy your daughter is loving her new school! My daughter has settled in quite nicely in her new town - very relieved! Prague sounds wonderful as do the winter boots ( I have had enough of 100+ degree weather! ). Happy weekend to you! xxoo :)

  2. Sounds like everything is going swimmingly Sim. So pleased your daughter is happy in her new school. I remember being terrified of going to "big" school ;-)

  3. Its good to be back in the school and activity routines here, after 12 weeks summer vacation! And we are so lucky to be enjoying amazing warm temperatures still - I don't want these summer days to end. Mornings and evenings are chilly and its hard to believe the trees will be changing colour and the dark evenings will be here soon.
    Sounds like your big girl is doing great at her new school. Such a relief for a mum.
    Happy weekend.

  4. So glad to hear that little Miss is settling into her new school and loving it from the sounds of it. It does not feel like Sept here as the humidity spiked today and at 10pm it is still 17C out ~ loving this month! You need to tell me more about Prague ~ how exciting Simone! Have a fabulous week-end sweet girl ~ and so glad to have you back. xo

  5. Enjoy Prague, I truly hope you go! It's one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been lucky to visit!!

    Take lot's of pictures :)

  6. Prague! Ah! One of my very favorites - like a fairy tale... Have fun!


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