Baileys Orange Truffle

Baileys, the original Irish cream liqueur, has just launched Baileys Orange Truffle Flavour....
a Limited Edition which is available right now exclusively from Tesco.

Only 180,000 bottles have been produced and once they're gone, they're gone!

The Orange Truffle Flavour is a delicate but warm taste, perfect for this time of year....
cold autumn evenings, winter nights.....
it's a deliciously comforting drink, Christmas in a Glass I like to call it!

Baileys can be drunk in so many different ways....I usually like it over ice....but in the interest of research I tried out several recipes using the Orange Truffle Flavour.

The Baileys Crush
 50ml Baileys Orange Truffle Flavour
25ml fresh cream
2 chocolate truffles

To make....simply add the above ingredients plus ice to a blender & blend until completely smooth.
Pour into a glass & add whipped cream.
(In the interests of research, I tried it with & without cream. My verdict is that they're both absolutely gorgeous!!)

Bailey's Orange Truffle Deluxe
    25ml Baileys Orange Truffle Flavour
15ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
25ml chilled espresso
1/2 slice ginger

To make....mix the ginger & Rum in a cocktail shaker.
Add the chilled espresso & Baileys Orange Truffle Flavour.
Strain into a glass & enjoy.

The Melted Orange Truffle
50ml Baileys Orange Flavour Truffle
1 tbsp hot chocolate
200ml hot milk
Fresh whipped cream
Chocolate dust

To make....add 1 tbsp hot chocolate to hot milk.
Gently add 50ml of Baileys Orange Truffle Flavour and dust with chocolate.

A 50 ml measure of Baileys Orange Truffle is equal to 0.9 units of alcohol.

Disclaimer : I was sent a bottle of Baileys Orange Truffle Flavour for free.
 I did however buy all the other ingredients & made all the cocktails myself :)
All words & opinions are my own.


  1. Will have to try the orange truffle Baileys! Baileys is one of my fave drinks either on the rocks or with coffee or ice cream! Yum - that's my kind of research!


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