By Invitation Only....Why I Blog

Last month I was invited to join a group of bloggers around the world in writing about a theme chosen each month by Splenderosa who started the group.

The theme - or thought - for this month is "blogging"...the idea was that we should nominate a blog that we love or admire.

I thought that actually I'd like to talk about blogging itself and what it means to me - also I couldn't possibly choose one blog since I enjoy so many.

I've been blogging for almost three & a half years and it's probably not an exaggeration to say that it's changed my life.

Blogging has been a gift to me really - a very lovely surprise gift - and to be honest I never cease to be amazed by where it has brought me today.

I put a lot of positivity & energy into writing and creating my blog - and that's exactly what I get back.

It's been a wonderful lesson to me of getting back what you put in.

I read a great variety of blogs but what attracts me to many of them - to my favourites - is that whatever they are talking about, I can always hear the blogger's voice.

I feel that it's really important to retain an integrity and a familiarity - that, for me, is what connects the writer to the reader.

I like a voice that I can recognise & connect with, regardless of what is being discussed or written about.

There are a handful of blogs that I've followed since I first became a blogger and the above applies to absolutely all of them.

The world of blogging is an interesting & multi-layered one and I think everyone gets different things from it.

When you read a blog for a long period of time, you tend to focus on the person behind the blog as well as the content - for me, it's the same as reading a book by a favourite author or a monthly magazine column by a writer that you particularly like & look forward to.

Blogging has given me the chance to do many things I never thought I'd get to do.
I've grown & learned a great deal about myself.
I've challenged myself.
I've honestly got to know myself better.
I've changed my views & my tastes.

Blogging has given me a voice....
it's me given opportunity....
it's given me clarity.

My blog is a space for me, it's something I'm really proud of & that I love.

It's a place to dream, inspire, write, share and talk.....and to connect with others.

It's been a totally positive thing....with a sense of both community & support.

For me, it is simply a thing of great happiness.

Jackie from the beautiful blog Home has also written today as part of this group - she also didn't choose one blog to focus me she couldn't. 

Instead she just said to take a look at her blog sidebar because there you could find all her favourites....

I shall copy her & say the same thing.
All the blogs that I followed when I started out are all still there....

Cathi, Tracy, Liz, Jackie, Amanda, Louise, Nikki, Meredy, Misty, Becky, Dustjacket, Lori & Kim  




  1. Such a great and thought-provoking post Simone - as yours was one of the first blogs I ever began following, I agree that the 'voice' of a blogger is what keeps me coming back to favourite blogs again and again.

    I've also been wondering recently about my purpose for blogging - when I started I was very focused on homes and interiors as a way to capture inspiration. As the date for putting that inspiration into practice was delayed, I found it much harder to work out what it is I actually want to say...

    Although I still love reading design blogs, I think I'm in a process of evolving (as I imagine many bloggers experience) - and in the meantime, I'm just blogging as and when I feel I have something to mightn't be terribly novel or anywhere near the appeal of my favourite blogs (actually sometimes I think it just keeps my family in Australia appraised of what I'm doing!), but like you, I know I get so much from my little corner of the blogosphere and I would hate to lose that sense of connection...

  2. My dear friend Simone,
    No wonder I have been following you for 3 and 1/2 years .......... we both have the same thoughts !!!!! I certainly couldn't have chosen just one blog to highlight as they are all so special to me ..... and to you too.
    The best part of blogging is the friends that we make and, as soon as we hear that person jump out of their blog we know that we like them and get on with them, just as you say.
    Welcome to the BIO circle ..... you are just meant to be here. Much love. XXXX

  3. So glad I found you and your beautiful blog or the other way around.. can't remember. I love blogging and all of the friendships I've made along the way. I truly think I'd be lost without it.

  4. This is the Simone I love, you have a special elegance about you which transcends time and your age. It's just "in there." To say the things you did, in a way that would cause even a stranger to believe the words, takes an incredible talent. And, you have it. You are what the world aspires to be. No doubt.

  5. Beautifully said Simone, as always...I love the way you say...
    it is simply a thing of great happiness...and it is reflected in everyone of your posts...I'm so very pleased to have met you through this wonderful world of blogging.

  6. Well said Simone, completely agree.

    Hope you are well.


  7. So special. You are a HUGE part of my blog beginnings and first moving to Rome. I think it will always mean something -- those bloggers who we first came to "know" :)


  8. Of all the blogs I read Simone ~ you are truly one of my favorites. Of course I have been there since day 1 and as I look back at some of your old posts I can see how much you have grown but are still the sweet girl you were from the start. I love all the doors that have opened up for you and the opportunities you have gotten to do things you maybe never dreamed that you would do. You know I love you like a sister ~ hugs and love always. xo

  9. Simone, I feel exactly the same about blogging!
    Blogging is one of the most valuable things that I have in my life, along with my beautiful family, I have a wonderful blogging family!
    We move in and out of each others lives, some we visit more than others, some we understand and connect with more than others, but I think it is so nice to know we are are connected somehow!

    xx Sending hugs from down under xxx Coty

  10. So beautifully said...YOU have a gift. Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Love the way you wrote this Simone...our blog world really is so precious.

  12. Welcome to our group Simone!
    Love this post, so well written!
    Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and blog experience!

    Greetings from the Périgord, karin

  13. Very nicely said! Like your thoughts about blogging and the fact that you will be part of this group. Already looking forward to the next blog and its topic! :)

    Annique from

  14. I truly am so glad that I found your blog, you are one of the first ones that I read daily. A lot of times I read and mean to come back to comment, but then life happens and this week it's been me and my guy hanging out at home with food poisoning - so romantic, right? Haha. Blogging has made the world a whole lot smaller and to "meet" all of the amazing bloggers has been life changing to say the very least! Keep being your fabulous self, my thoughtful friend! xxoo

  15. So beautifully put. I echo your sentiments and raise my glass of red to the Bottom of the Ironing Basket! We take creativity by the tail, when we can, how we can. :)
    All my Best from Arles,

  16. you write very well and your posts are very inspiring. I just found your blog today :)


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