Coffee & Cafe Shop Love

....there aren't many things nicer than spending a couple of hours in a cosy coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon in October or November

it's a refuge, a sanctuary, a home, a happy place....

reading a good book or newspaper
alone or catching up with friends
inhaling the coffee & cooking aromas
windows steaming up inside
ordering more than one coffee
soup & homemade bread
watching the world go by

My local coffee shop  - Nyborg's - is owned by two Danish friends and, happily for me, ticks all of the above boxes. It's small but perfectly formed. 
They serve Monmouth coffee, the best coffee in London & bake on the premises each day.
Go there at about 9.30am each day and you can get cinnamon bread, fresh & warm from the oven....some day it's the only way to start the day.

Sometimes the coffee chains - Starbucks or Caffe Nero - will do but it's the individual coffee places that draw you back time after time with their character & charm.


  1. I am always seeking out small independent coffee shops that have a certain charm and great coffee - I usually meet up with a girlfriend who shares my love for the same! Loving all of these charming photos of the cafes! They have always been my refuge! Happy weekend! xxoo

  2. This made me want to spend the day in a coffee place like these just relaxing and reading. I wish I could (all we have around here is Starbucks and I have a to do list a mile long!) Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. I am bookmarking this post. I have always dreamed of owning a shop like this.....soooo beautiful and what fun!

  4. i agree, I'd much rather visit a small quirky and funky coffee place than join the queue at one of the chains. My local always puts a different design on my flat white each time, he once did a teddy bear on a surfboard and yesterday he wrote my name "Rebecca" on don't get that at starbucks!
    Bec x

  5. Ah, I think I could smell the aroma of steamy coffee from your post.
    Old book stores and funky coffee shops are my heaven.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  6. Going on what Leslie said - independent coffee shops and book shops are the greatest - even better is a coffee shop that sells books! It's what I always imagined I'd own!

  7. Looks so beautiful. And that wall of books! I so wish I had a hang-out like that close by. You are lucky!xcat

  8. What a fabulous place. Our local coffee shops are very small country affairs compared to that!

  9. Coffee shops ARE the best! Ours in Santa Cruz isn't your typical coffee shop - it's rather "beachy"! Surf City Coffee. . .

  10. Your coffee bar sounds perfect. Where I live in Portland Oregon there are so many fabulous coffee bars, many with their own coffee blends and award winning 'Baristas'. I think I could find new one every week!

  11. a good coffee shop or cafe will always make me so happy. sydney takes its coffee super seriously which i loveee! i never realised how good the cappuccinos are here in sydney until i moved to london and went to too many starbucks or neros. I love them for their convenience, but i think they suck so badly at the same time haha! there's not that same issue here though because there's like 3 starbucks in the whole country (20 realistically i think haha). i love coffee!

  12. Simone, coffee shops are at the heart of many top theatre productions, best-selling books and social revolutions. I wanted to bring you and your followers attention to a book and coffee shop gallery based in East London that celebrates the art of coffee shop lifestyle. Katya is a friend and former colleague, she enjoys a rich network of artists, illustrators, writers and photographers. I am privileged to be part of that network and have provided a little of my time to her fantastic celebration of East London

  13. One of the greatest joys in my life is having the time to just sit in my favorite coffee shops, enjoying amazing coffee and a great book. It's even better when I get to share those little moments with friends.

    Thanks for sharing this with us...
    Have a beautiful day.


  14. Oh this place looks fabulous !!!


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