House & Home : A Kitchen Project

We are currently working on a plan to update the kitchen in my in-laws' old home....
no work has been done to it for 30+ years.

We are updating it in order to sell it so our budget is fairly small & sensible since it is not going to be "our kitchen". 
We are also trying to keep the project simple in order to get it done as quickly as possible. 

The space is medium sized.

I like the idea of a basic colour - we need add as much light as we can to the space. 
I am thinking of a very light wall colour - but I think a feature like the glass splashbacks above adds colour & a more modern look to the kitchen.

My husband has always loved metro tiles like those shown in the kitchen below....
we had a cream version of them in our last kitchen and would definitely use them again.

Lots of inspiration in the kitchen images that I've featured here....
tomorrow we are off tile-hunting (and hopefully buying!)....
our local Topps Tiles has a fabulous selection so fingers crossed!    


  1. Simone this sounds like a fun project.

    You have such great taste that I know whatever you choose will be fab!

    2012 Artists Series and Giveaway from The House of Edward!

  2. I am also doing tile shopping for my backsplash - I do love the subway tiles too! Good luck on your project - I hope it is quick and easy for you! xxoo

  3. What a wonderful fun project. Just keep it sleek & uncomplicated, as I know you will. Merry Christmas, Simone, to all of you darlings...

  4. Love kitchens. My husband has a kitchen company so you'd think we'd have the latest appliances - but no. Do check out his website for more inspiration. They do a lot of modern kitchens and everyone seems to go for a glass splashback to introduce a bit of colour. They also have a really affordable handle-less kitchen that might be within your budget. Right, plug over...have fun tile shopping.
    Good luck!

  5. I'm hopelessly biased. I love those photos with the white tiles, so classic looking. To this day I regret picking out the beige toned tumbled marble that's so popular here in my neck of the woods. Everyone has it and I played it safe rather than going with my own sometimes quirky taste.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  6. While I love the coloured tiles I think I would pick the subway tiles for resale value more than anything. I know you will choose whatever is best for you. Have fun shopping ~ it's not shoes but it is still fun. xo

  7. If you are selling I'd definitively go for white. It says "clean" so people usually go for it. Unless the house is very arts and crafts so you can go for the colorful look. Best of luck!


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