Kitchen Love : Open Shelving, Yes or No?

Kitchen cupboards or shelves....
 My kitchens have always had cupboards but increasingly I am loving open shelving.

I love bowls on work surfaces, the windowsill, kitchen table,
 a jug or container full of kitchen utensils
a dresser full of pottery or pretty dishes

I like my favourite things where I can see & admire them....enjoy them.

If my ceiling allowed it, I'd have one of those contraptions with copper pans etc hanging from it.

I think it adds colour & interest to a gives it character.

I love all the kitchens I've featured in this piece....
although I'm not sure about the practical side of having open shelves....
would you have to dust all the time? 
I know it would drive my very practical husband = cupboards to him ;) 

What would you choose....
do you like everything out of sight or do you prefer it within easy reach and on display?


  1. Oh I love all these too! It's funny, though - now that my own kitchen is renovated, I am not as drawn to pictures of kitchens any more. It's as if I don't want to see something and say "Oh, we should've..." I adore the look of open shelving, and I contemplated it seriously, but I ultimately decided it wasn't practical and instead decided on glass-front cabinets. I can still see everything, but it's a bit easier to keep clean.

    And oh yes, if I had room for all those lovely shelves in the island, and a big contraption from which to hang pots and pans...

  2. Oh wow - I love every single photo you have displayed, they are all gorgeous! I am in the process of making these decisions for my kitchen renovation but am leaning towards the traditional cabinets. I have been having so much fun with all the planning now I just want to get moving on it - but it will have to wait until after the holidays! I used to have a big pot hanger in my old house and I loved it! Enjoy your week, sweet lady! xxoo

  3. I think I like a combo of tradtional cupboards and some open shelving. I love the picture with all the jars ~ and now I have some open shelving where I keep some things that I use all the time. Other than that it would be more things to dust in my house and Lord knows ~ I do not need that!!

  4. I love open shelving. I have some open shelving where our cook books are kept and one where some favourite bowls are displayed but everything else is in a cabinet. Love these images and now want a kitchen revamp!!!

  5. I love the idea of open shelving, but know in reality that I would find it hard to live with. My sense of having to have some sort of order would get the upper hand.


  6. When I look at these pictures a clear

  7. Hello :-)

    You've seen my kitchen - it's got a lot of open shelves and I have kinda come to love them. It works if all of your stuff is of the same colour palette. Not so much if (like I did) you own a range of different colours. I love these images you have chosen; but if you notice, even though every thing is out on show - it's ALL a lovely shade of pale! White, cream, beige! We are redesigning the kitchen at the moment so I shall be pinning from this post! Lou x

  8. The best room in the house...I've got a mixture of cupboards and shelves; which I like...but you're right the dust is a problem! Great images here, when everything is tidy ;-) I quite fancy Nigella's kitchen, have you seen that? Fan or not?
    Thank you Simone for popping by yesterday and leaving such a sweet comment you're very kind...but no street blog for me!
    And by the way, living with a dog or two in my case is adorable...unconditional love ;-) I think you'd love it...maybe sometime in the future.
    Have a lovely WET day.

  9. Love open shelving !! Gorgeous pictures...makes me want to cook something!!
    Thanks Simone!!

    Check out my blog

    Hope your day is great!

  10. Hi Simone,
    We will be 'tarting' up our kitchen after Christmas! I still love my kitchen but we need new worksurfaces, sink, tiles and oven and hob. I will also be adding some shelves. A while ago I bought some iron shelf brackets from Of Special Interst so, shelves are a must !!
    Love all of the kitchens you have shown ...... they are very 'me' ! XXXX

  11. I do love the second image and how all the cookery books are arranged. But open shelves are a no-no for me. I'm a bit of a minimalist, and open shelving might cause me to have an "episode" ;-)

  12. I like a combination of all - cupboards for the clutter, glass-fronted cupboards with lights inside for patterned things such as crockery, open shelves for the Mediterranean colourful dishes and bowls and cookery books, and a suspended stainless steel bar for handing pots and pans. I have a small version of this in my kitchen, but it's not pale (too much cleaning). Cupboards are polished wood, shelves are moss green, and (mistake) the granite on the counters is flecked black and white - so dirt goes unnoticed, which I don't like.

  13. I like the look of open shelving very much, in an ordered clutter way, but all that dusting makes me run for the hills!

  14. Hello Simone,
    I love order and peace. But it is not meant to be in my house. So, instead of having everything outside the cupboards, I believe it is best for me to opt for open shelving. Some things do stay inside, but the rest can be free to decorate my space. I have installed the (old) shop's bookcases in our olde new kitchen in Athens. I hope to post some photos soon. They may not going to be as beautiful and inspirational as those you just posted, but they will be real-life ;)
    Thank you for yet another gorgeous post!


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