London Life : Mexican Supper Club

Last week I had the great pleasure of being a guest at a Mexican Supper Club, hosted by Luiz aka The London Foodie.

Supper Clubs are apparently the latest thing amongst London events....
having experienced just one of them, I'd quite happily sign up to attend regularly, they are such fun.
And the!!

I have to say that Luiz was the perfect host & we all had a fabulous time.
All brought together through a love of food & a genuine interest in sampling new dishes, there was a great atmosphere.

The Supper Club took place in his stunning home.
Luiz is a Cordon Bleu chef - and has the best selection of cookery books I have ever seen - but on this occasion, the chef was Felipe Fuentes Cruz from Benito's Hat.
Ingredients were provided by Discovery Foods.

I love food but when it comes to international food, Mexican food is something I know little about & don't really have much experience of.
I attended the Supper Club hoping to find out more....and I certainly did.

I haven't been to a Mexican restaurant for some time....but my impression that the food was pretty heavy....lots of meat & rich cheese.

The food at the Supper Club could not have been more different.

Light, fresh and so tasty....
it definitely left me wanting more and eager to try it out for myself at home.  

....tacos de camaron....

I had only had one experience of a well known brand of Mexican "meal kits" that you can buy from the supermarket years ago & I must be honest and say that it didn't really leave me wanting more. 

I was so impressed with the Discovery Foods range that I tasted last week.... 
and very happy to find out that my local supermarket stocks the whole range.
I made fajitas with my children last week-end and they were both easy & delicious.

 Ben Fordham opened Benito's Hat in London in 2008 and there are now four restaurants, located in Covent Garden, Goodge Street, Oxford Circus & King's Cross.

Felipe Fuentes Cruz has been Head Chef of Benito's Hat since it opened - born in Mexico, he emigrated to the US at the age of 19 and came to London in 2006 via Barcelona.

"The best burritos in town" The Independent

"The burritos are just brilliant, filled to improbable bursting point with squidgy, flavoursome ingredients" Metro

Luiz hosts regular Japanese & Mexican London Foodie Supper Clubs at his Islington home - 
further details can be found at his blog The London Foodie
The blog is also a really comprehensive guide to food & restaurants in London. 

Many thanks to Luiz, Ben, Felipe, Louisa & Ruth for a wonderful evening.


  1. How wonderful Simone ...... I would happily be a member of ANY supper club !!!!
    Have a lovely weekend Simone. XXXX

  2. ooh my they tacos look you it was never my food of choice but if ever I wanted my son to eat turning a sandwich into a casadia or a burrito always breakfast burritos have become legend!!

  3. What fun Simone! We love Mexican food and I make fajitas on a regular basis along with quesadillas. I use a lot of tortillas to make wraps too ~ the tacos look yummy.

  4. I absolutely love Mexican Food and just went out for it today with my son and daughter in law! We went to a place our boy George always used to go to! I'd love going to some supper clubs - they're pretty big around here too! Happy weekend!

  5. I keep hearing lots about London Supper Clubs, I think I'll make it my NY resolution to brave up the courage to attend one!

  6. Hi Simone, thank you for the lovely post! I am so happy to have met you and also happy to hear you enjoyed the supper club experience, I hope to see you at one of my Japanese events now.

    Luiz x


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