I Heart London

Hi! I'm Sophie from The Littlest Things and I am so excited to be posting on Simone's lovely blog. She has been my little London life line while living in the UK and has made living so far away from home, so much easier! I love that I have such a passion for her home city :)
This is my London...
I don't know how it happened, but somehow, London has become my true home (temporarily anyway). After meeting a real Londoner over 5 years ago, I followed him over to the other side of the world and lived in the city for the whole year of 2009.
I fell head.over.heels.in.love with the place! It's kind of hard not to.
The city is full of so much awesomeness.

Since then, we have been living in the U.K, just not in London (and it's nearly been killing me; being so close yet still so far).
So, when I'm back there I feel instantaneously happy and so inspired.
These are some of the reasons why I love the city so much;
The British spirit

The London Eye

Hyde Park and rowing on the Serpentine

Sloane Square

Watching the changing of the guard

Leadenhall Market

The beautiful hotels

Fashion amazingness like watching the arrivals to the Burberry show

Westminster; Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

The charming little houses

Borough market and it's cafes

Shopping at Westfield and Topshop in Christmas time

London at dusk.

I'm currently waiting for my new visa to get back there and am counting down the seconds until I step off the plane at Heathrow to the crisp London winter air.
The city is just magical.
There's no other way to describe it :)

Sophie writes the blog The Littlest Things....
a blog about life, style, fashion, food, travel & London life.
It's a gorgeous blog....a huge dose of energy and happiness.
It's everything that Sophie is....


  1. I LOVE London too, Sophie...and I live only 40 minutes away and somedays that's too far too ;-)
    And as for the charming little houses...I feel I'm in heaven!! I hope you make it back to London soon...lovely post and fabulous photographs...I'm popping across to your blog now ;-)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I adore London too and would love to live there for a short while to be able to explore every inch of it over and over! xxoo

  3. What an adorable ode to London ... xox


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