O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree....

I love a Christmas tree....lots of different styles above but all beautiful.

I'd love the kind of home where you could have several trees & decorate them all slightly differently. 

Our tree this year is full of cream lights with lots of colour from many sentimental & much loved decorations...
some made by the children, others bought at Christmas time on our travels & some from friends around the world. 

In an attempt to scale things down just ever so slightly this year, I bought a tree a foot smaller than usual....generally, I buy a tree as big as the living room will possibly allow :)

A couple of giveaway winners today....

The winner of the Baylis & Harding box of goodies is Wanderlust

The winner of the movie DVDs is HowardsHouse

Please contact me ASAP and I will get your prizes to you!


  1. congrats to the winners. I love this post. The last photo is so pretty.
    Merry Christmas

  2. As such beautiful trees! This year our tree is a few feet smaller - and next year I really want one the size that are in the buckets! I do love sitting with the lights out and gazing at the tree, I just am simplifying more each year which I am truly enjoying! xxoo

  3. Beautiful trees here, Simone...and your tree sounds wonderful...I LOVE a christmas tree too...I've found lots of pretty baubles and given them to my girlfriends as presents this year...I always think decorations are sentimental...I usually have a good weep when I'm putting up the tree...but I'm happy ;-)
    Nearly Christmastime...

  4. Simone ! You've made me one happy chick ! I've literally NEVER won anything in my life before :D sending you my address now and thanks a lot !

  5. I love my tree! As I unwrapped each ornament on Sunday I smiles with a memory. There are some that I do not put on any more but display them in different ways. I yearn to have a tree in the rec room ~ am artificial pencil tree but alas hubby says no ~ someday I will have my 2nd tree ~ you know it! xo

  6. We have 2 trees - one all silver and white ligths, the other with everything in every colour! Both pretty big Noble Firs (my fave). I do love having the trees up and hate to take them down in the new year - I think I'll hang onto them as long as possible as they make the rooms look so beautiful. Merry Christmas.

  7. Oh wow, all of these trees are absolutely beautiful! And I love how there are so many different options now-a-days as to how to bring the joy into ones home ;)
    xo TJ

  8. Oh gosh, thank you! I'm sorry this is so late...I've been a little awol from blogland over Christmas and am only just catching up now. I'm so happy! I've never won a giveaway before! Thank you!

    How shall I contact you...email? xx


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