Summer Beauty Product : Nurture Skincare

I only discovered Nurture skincare recently but have been very pleasantly surprised with their products. I have tried & tested 4 of them this month and would happily recommend them all.

Daily Face Protector SPF 30 - this has a gorgeous smell of the kind that makes you want to re-apply it at least once a day because it's just so lovely. It's a light and very refreshing moisturiser, it suited my dry skin perfectly, went on very well under make-up. I would definitely buy it again.

Daily Spa Nourishing Body Moisturiser - a 24hour all over moisturiser which contains Vitamin E, macadamia nut oil and shea butter. Very light with a lovely fresh fragrance, it absorbs very easily. This is a perfect summer moisturiser I think.

Anti-Ageing Conditioner Hair Treatment - I have mentioned many times that I am always looking for good hair products, particularly those for dry hair. It's no exaggeration to say that I loved this product, I've used it several times now and I could feel the difference immediately....the treatment is a leave-in serum which you add to wet hair after washing and conditioning it. My hair was softer and shinier after just one application - unlike other similar products/serums that I have used before, I really felt this made a difference.

3 in 1 Gentle Cleansing Wipes  - I very rarely use wipes on my face since I'm always worried that they will dry out my skin even more. These were lovely though and extremely gentle - they're enriched with camomile, vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 and aloe vera. The wipes are strong, pleasant to use and my skin didn't feel dry at all after using them, just extremely clean and fresh.

Nurture skincare can be ordered online.
Prices are extremely competitive....the products above were :

Daily Face Protector - £7.45 (50ml)
Nourishing Body Moisturiser - £5.45 (200ml) 
Conditioning Hair Treatment - £7.95 (for 20 capsules)
Wipes - £4.45 (for 25 wipes)

Reiss UK

Summer Beauty : My Life in Summer Holidays....

My "summer holidays" thus far in my life seem to fall into two distinct categories....
a childhood of summer hols spent in the UK & then those as an adult spent travelling or abroad.

My parents weren't great travellers....I guess they are from a generation where people just didn't really consider foreign holidays. I don't think my mother has ever flown.

Our school summer holidays consisted of 6 weeks where my mother said good-bye to us in the mornings & we spent literally the whole day in the local park with friends, playing on the "climbing tree" & eventually running home hot,, hungry, tired and happy in the evening. 
We did this day after day, summer after summer & loved it....
freedom, fun and friends.

We moved to London from South Wales when I was 6 years old but we returned regularly to see our grandparents....the long long journey there (only 2 hrs now but back then it was about 5 hrs) was spent running up and down the aisles of the train which rattled and moved around endlessly.

We stayed in Cardiff which is a city but is only a very short distance away from lots of wonderful most enduring memory is the enormous picnics that my grandmother would make up which seemed to take forever to pack into the car.

"Sunshine & Sand - Children on the Beach"

It probably wasn't that far to the beach but always had that childhood feeling that we would never get there....

I can still remember the exhilaration of finally arriving with several carloads full of uncles, aunts and cousins....

Huge amounts of food, my Dad sitting us on his shoulders and throwing us into the sea over and over again, the long run down to the beach across the sand and coming home late at night exhausted and slightly sunburned....the days before suntan lotion!

Other summers I escaped from my two younger brothers and got to stay with my mother's parents for a few weeks....I don't know exactly how many years I did this for, when I was a little older I got to take the train journey from London to Cardiff by myself which I loved.

I always say when asked that it was these particular summers which were absolutely the best part of my childhood....
my grandparents were the nicest and kindest people in the world and I adored my time with them....
they are really my happiest memories.
Even thinking about them now makes me feel so good.

Southerndown beach, South Wales....

It wasn't just the train trips to the beach, the days out, the treats that they probably lavished on me & the fact that I was the sole recipient of all this attention - it was simply that we had such fun together, the days did seem easy & endless, full of sunshine.
My grandmother would make sandwiches & off we'd go on the train to the beach.
I'd play all day long, she'd sit & read....and then late afternoon she'd take me to the funfair that overlooked the beach.  

It was almost as though I knew that time with them was a treat to be savoured & I loved absolutely every day of it....
I felt totally loved & special, I was happy with them whatever we did.

The first time I went abroad was on a day trip to France when I was 11.

A few school trips to Europe followed & then once I started Uni, I began exploring and travelling by myself and with friends.....
trips to Greece, Cyprus, Spain and a summer working in a children's camp in the US.

France and Italy traditionally "close" for August....those living in Rome and Paris leave the heat of the city for the beach.  England of course isn't as hot but for many people it's the time they take their summer break & head for the sunshine of the Mediterranean.

Whilst I do love a city break, I also love the beach & can quite happily spend weeks there, doing nothing but sunbathing and reading. Before my children started school we would holiday in either May or September but now we go in August.

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that every year we go to the south of France....
each year I seem to add a day or two on to our stay & this year we will be there for four whole blissful weeks!!

This year I booked & planned our trip very early, back in January....and the thought of it has kept me going on many a cold, wet, dreary London day!

My husband works very long hours & so it's a special and much needed time for us to be together as a family...the harder he works, the more I yearn for - and appreciate - August together.

I first discovered Villefranche Sur Mer when I was 19 - my 2nd year at Uni was spent studying in France & one week-end we escaped to Nice and Cannes for a few days.
We took the train along the coast to Monaco and passed through Villefranche.

I immediately fell in love with the beautiful bay, with its old town full of red-roofed houses creeping back up the hillside, cobbled streets, steep stone steps and clear blue sea.

I had no idea have known that years later I'd take my husband and then my children there....and then there'd be no going back, none of us would ever want to holiday anywhere else!!

What I love about it - which very often people don't expect from the French Riviera - is that for us it's a very simple holiday.

We go on walks, we visit glamorous Monaco a few times, we walk to chic Cap Ferrat for dinner or ice-cream, we go up to Eze for escargots....but most of the time we spend on or at the beach.
I live in shorts, sundresses and swimsuits.
No make-up or alarms, no TV.

Total escape.

We shop at the market, my children go to the boulangerie every morning to buy baguettes & pain aux husband cooks delicious pasta, local seafood and incredible salads.

We often stay on the beach until 8pm....
sometimes we come home, make a large bowl of salad, pack a baguette & 4 forks
- we then head back to the beach & stay there until the sun has gone down.

We swim, we read, the children make a friend for the day, they pick up some new French words....

We sit alongside French & Italian families who arrive en masse, sometimes with three - or four - generations from the city and they stay there like us absorbing the last & final rays of sunshine....
it's a wonderful way to spend a hot summer day.

And if it sounds is....

....and I know I'm enormously lucky to be able to spend 4 weeks there - my husband is there for almost 3 wks & this year my aunt is joining the children & I for the 1st week....

The beach means total freedom for my children, they've both learned to swim there and I love that they appreciate the simplicity & sheer beauty of it.

It's the perfect summer holiday....
and I hope these are the holiday memories they'll look back on when they grow up because I know there's something very special about those summer days....

Each year my children have grown in little ways, they're doing new & different things....
we've been there with one child, I've been there while pregnant....
one summer my daughter was stung three times by jellyfish & another summer my son ate sand on the beach
good memories, happy times.

I hope too that they've learned that actually....
a baguette, a book & a beach are the only holiday essentials you need....  

Summer Beauty : Palmer's Cocoa Butter

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Original Solid Formula £3.67 /100g
The original, classic moisturiser, this unique solid formula contains the highest concentration of Cocoa Butter, making it the perfect choice to soften, soothe and relieve rough, dry skin after the cold winter months. Ideal for overnight deep moisturisation, the emollient base is especially effective for drier, rougher areas of the body such as elbows, knees and cracked heels.

Massage Cream for Stretch Marks £5.09 / 125ml
This concentrated cream is ideal for stubborn areas such as thighs, hips, bust and can also be used on the tummy area. The non-greasy formula helps to improve skin elasticity and moisture levels. We recommend using this cream at least three times a day on affected areas. Ideal for use on the go, the convenient tube fits perfectly in your handbag. For best results use in conjunction with the Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks.

I've written before about being a fan of Palmer's and their products.
To me, they are an established reliable, tried & tested brand - an immediate go-to for a product that I know will work. Buying a new beauty product can be a gamble and I like the fact that with Palmer's, the products are straightforward, effective and have a great price point.

I've been using both of the above products for the last month and am more than happy with them.

The solid formula Cocoa Butter is a gorgeous creamy moisturiser, lovely to use at night before going to bed and particularly to use on your feet - ideal for the summer months when your feet are exposed  and free in sandals and summer shoes.

The massage cream for stretch marks is, I think, a great lasting moisturiser whether you have stretch marks or not. Very easy to use, it feels lovely and lasts beautifully.

My next Palmer's purchases will be the Cocoa Body Scrub , perfect for pre-tanning exfoliation and the Olive Butter Formula Cream Oil which I've heard is great as a moisturiser.

Summer Beauty : Ojon Haircare

I only recently discovered Ojon, a range of hair treatments which originated in South America....
a golden elixir from the ojon tree and a brand which focuses on restoring dry and damaged hair.

My coloured hair nearly always feels dry so my search for products which will give it shine and vibrancy is permanently ongoing.

Ojon products are all made with 100% natural ingredients & natural essential oils - no parabens, paraffin or animal-tested ingredients.

I have been testing out the Ojon Dry Recovery range for the past month and have to say that I am very pleased with it. The Dry Recovery range is made with Blue Agave nectar which is known for its ability to instantly drench dry dehydrated hair with moisture and to help hair retain it.

I have been using the Dry Recovery hydrating shampoo and conditioner plus the Revitalising Moisture Mist and the Intensive Hydrating 2 Minute Hair Mask.

I change my hair products fairly frequently but I wouldn't hesitate to buy all the products again, the hair mask in particular was fantastic and perfect as summer approaches. 

These products will definitely be in my suitcase this August :)

Anthropologie (UK)

Friday Fabulousness....

hot & busy....a pretty accurate description of of my week, my life and London this week!
Good busy though...lots of fun things....and (finally) unbelievably gorgeous weather.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Vicki Archer from French Essence & Jeanne from Collage of Life for lunch in London's Chelsea earlier this week.
We talked about travel, blogging, France and life in general - it was wonderful....
they are such interesting and widely travelled women, I felt very inspired by both of them.

A couple of lucky winners to be announced today....

Please email me with your contact details :)

....just 10 weeks til we are back here....

I have no particular plans for the week-end apart from enjoying this wonderful weather!
Have a great week-end!

The White Company

Liz Earle Beauty Co Ltd

Anthropologie (UK)

Such A Perfect Day....

It's a gorgeously perfect day today in London....

glorious blue skies and sunshine....

good weather always seems to feel better on a Friday, probably the thought of the possibility that it will last the week-end....

Happy Friday!!

Sponsored Video : Organix

Organix is a truly tried, tested and trusted brand for me....
healthy, organic, natural and nutritious food that I gave to both my children.

Organix has a great range of foods which start the weaning stage and continue through toddlerhood!

Organix Mighty Meals are a new range of toddler meals, for children aged 1-3 years old.
Dishes such as Tasty Beef Stew & Dumplings and Herby Salmon and Potato Bites, chunky ingredients that your children will actually recognise :)

My children have been foodies from a very early age and, from when they first moved on to "real" food, they have always eaten the same as my husband and I.

They both love food, will eat and try anything whether at home or abroad and we have always encouraged that.

I think it's great to start this attitude as soon as they are old enough to appreciate food, to learn what it is and to recognise it.

Organix has a comprehensive website, with information about the company itself and its ideals as well as really good advice and information from the weaning stage onwards.

Organix are currently running a Facebook competition to win a hamper and the outfits featured in the video - to enter take a look at the Facebook Organix page.

This post has been sponsored by Organix....thoughts and words are my own.

Summer Beauty Guest Blog : Me & My Summer....

Summer to me means utter simplicity

Eating fresh and healthy. (It's so much easier to do in summer)
Dressing super casually - in denim shorts or a dress and thongs.
Hardly ever taking my bikini off. 
Rarely wearing any make-up or styling my hair. 
Instead, just letting it form into loose beach curls

Getting outside every single day.
Fruit smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch and BBQs on our back deck for dinner.
Waking up for the sunrise.
Falling asleep with sand in the bed

The sound of the waves.
The salty air.
The smell of sun cream.
Staring out to the horizon.
Jumping into the ocean

Drives and walks along the coast.
Insane amounts of fresh seafood.
Playing backyard cricket.
Camping with family friends

Late afternoon beers with friends.
Reading by the pool.
Falling asleep in the sun...

It's the season where I most feel like myself. 
The best version of myself. I get up earlier. 
Get outside as much as possible. Feel the most inspired.
And the happiest.

I love summer

Sophie writes the blog 
She's a gorgeous and very happy Australian 
(altho to be honest I'm not sure if there are any other kinds of Aussies based on the many that I've met...they're all like that!!),

 currently living in Wales....she's a girl full of energy, life and positivity.
She's also a fabulous photographer....she's recently started up her own Etsy shop selling her own beautiful photos and, if you love France, you should take a look at her posts about her recent trip travelling from Paris through France. 


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