Halloween fun....

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Halloween is not huge in England but in the last few years it's pretty popular in my neighhourhood
....we're off to a party with some friends this afternoon & then at about 5pm we'll trick or treat at our friend's houses.

Have fun.....bwahahahaha!

Be Safe....

Thinking of all my friends, followers & fellow bloggers on the East Coast & in NYC tonight....
be safe and hope Hurricane Sandy passes as swiftly as possible.

Happy Week-end!

coffee & ginger layer cake by Donna Hay

Yet another week has flown by....
it's already half-way through the term & we now - thankfully - have a week off to breathe, relax & catch up with ourselves.

We have plans for one day this week (heading for a fun day at Disney HQ....very exciting!)....
but for the rest of the time we are free from appointments, timetables, schedules & alarm clocks.

The clocks go back in Britain tonight, November is almost here, autumn is most definitely here....and Christmas magazines have started to arrive on my doorstep.

Tomorrow I'm off to Ikea to buy a couple of items to complete my new "office corner" and then I'll be hunkering down for hot chocolate & some family movie time. 

Happy Week-end!

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Fabulous Florida Mommy
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"Singin' in the Rain"

I've always loved musicals, I grew up watching them....
and really, who couldn't love them? 
They're just a joyful, fun & happy experience, total escapism.

This week my daughter & I went to see "Singin' in the Rain" at London's Palace Theatre.
It was absolutely fantastic!!

The original cast of Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor & Debbie Reynolds are almost impossible to beat but the stars of this show - Adam Cooper, Scarlett Strallen & Daniel Crossley  - do a fabulous job.

The dancing is energetic, slick & exciting to watch & all three leads are very accomplished singers. 
The whole production has a great energy and is full of fun & laughs.
It's hard to believe that this year is the 60th anniversary of the movie.

The famous "rain scene" where Don sings "Singin' in the Rain" was impressive to say the least....
there's a lot of rain, splashing & great dancing - as stage effects go, this was amazing!

14, 000 litres of water is used every performance - pumped in and out (via half a mile of flexible hosing) to & from a 10 ton water tank under the orchestra pit .
The water is recycled every show.

We had a wonderful time - as I think did everyone judging by the standing ovation the audience gave the cast. 
It's a brilliant production - especially good were Daniel Crossley as Cosmo Brown & Katherine Kingsley as Lina Lamont.

I enjoyed it so much that I've booked to see it again with two girlfriends next month!
If you're visiting London & want to see a West End show, I'd totally recommend it, 
you are guaranteed to leave smiling :)

Dream Home ; Tribeca, NYC

I fell in love instantly when I saw the space above on Pinterest....
the light, the space, the fabulous windows, the floors, the bookshelves, the outside space....
I hunted around & found some more photos of this apartment which is apparently in  Tribeca....isn't it fabulous?

This is my NYC dream apartment, it's a home....and I could definitely live here!

Dream Home : Malibu

Location : 20758 Pacific Coast Highway, Las Flores Beach, Malibu
3 bed/3 bathroom
Newly built with coral stone decks, French oak flooring, oak beams, limestone fireplace & chef's kitchen.
3,000 square feet

Price : $5,995,000
(via Bungalux)

This home is probably quite modest by Malibu standards but I think it's fabulous, you'd never tire of that beach view would you?

New York City : Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building....one of my favourite Manhattan landmarks.
I remember standing in front of it on my first visit to New York City and marvelling at its shape, I'd never seen anything like it before.

Completed in 1902, it was at the time one of the tallest buildings in the city at 22 floors and was one of only two skyscrapers north of 14th Street.

Located on a triangular block between Broadway, Fifth Avenue & East 22nd Street, it anchors the south end of Madison Square.

Originally known as the Fuller Building, it became known as the Flatiron Building because of its resemblence to an old fashioned clothes iron.

It is currently an office building - the offices in what is known as the "point" being the most sought after as they look directly north towards the Empire State Building.
Viewed from above, the point is only 2 metres wide & has an acute angle of 25 degrees.

Plans are in hand to turn the building into a hotel - city planners have already given their agreement - although this may not be for another ten years or so.

What a fabulous place it would be to stay in!

I love this print currently on sale at Ikea.

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