A Food Challenge : 28 Dishes in 28 Days

Back in November I challenged myself to a "30 Dishes in 30 Days" cookery challenge - the only rule being that all the dishes I attempted had to be dishes that I had never tried before.

I had a great time & a new a totally new love of cooking.

I have decided to try it again next month.

My friend Lori is also going to be taking part and she has made her own list here ....
looks great doesn't it?

I would love it if anyone else would like to take part, I'd be happy to link to your blog and if you want to make your own list or follow one of ours, that's great!

Preparation is the key....
I will be compiling a large shopping list this week-end so that I'm ready to cook.

Do let me know if you will be joining us :)


  1. How cool is that video!! Can't wait to start cooking!

  2. Love that video - what a great idea! I will be following both you and Lori - so looking forward to seeing what you both have cooked and adding new dishes to my daily menu. Cheers to great food! xxoo

  3. You are brilliant to do this Simone... Good luck... and I am looking forward to your updates...:)
    Happy weekend... xv

  4. Lori told me about your challenge and I'm definitely joining in! Love that you girls are inspiring us all!


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