Dreaming of....New York City

Birds Eye View of Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn
Zohar Manor-Abel via Pinterest

Dreaming of travel today (as always).....
isn't this a fabulous photo?

I heart NYC.... 


  1. I LOVE New York...would love to return...we've had two fabulous weekends there. Great photographs, Simone...I'm dreaming of New York City now ;-)
    Have to say I enjoyed Boston nearly as much!

  2. I absolutely LOVE New York City and am trying to get there again this year - I have alot of exploring to do! Fabulous photos, Simone! xxoo

  3. I have never been to NYC but I can't WAIT to go there one day and drink it all in! These photos are so lovely!!

    XXOO Lucy

  4. Yes, this is a wonderful photograph of our favorite big city. Nowhere is like NYC is it? When you walk the streets you never understand that it's surrounded by water. And, walking the streets is my favorite thing to do, after having lunch with my girlfriends. xx's

  5. gorgeous photographs.. I love the interior of grand central station.. I have been there numerous times but it nevertheless amazes me every time..

  6. Love NY. It's been too long since I visited. Great photographs.

  7. What beautiful images of New York SImone ...... I love it there ......... it's London with an American accent to me !! ..... and that first photograph is fantastic.
    Have a lovely weekend Simone. XXXX

  8. Fantastic pictures! I used to love NYC too until something happened to make me dread going back. Your pics tempt me though.

  9. Hi Simone,
    Love New York too.
    I find it always takes my breath away when I return there - you forget the height of the buildings , the noise, the busy-ness and vibrancy!
    I'm tempted!!
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  10. Fantastic pictures. I love New York. Only visited for a few days back in 2000 but I really want to go again as it was everything I hoped it would be and I know there's just so much more to discover there.

  11. Ahhh I think you have a soft spot for NY like I do for Boston. It's where I spent time, luckily enough, in the 90's! We had friends who lived there so we visited. I have only been to New York once but would love to go back. There are just so many places aren't there?! Happy Sunday...Lou x

  12. I am yet to go to New York and waiting in anticipation for that day! Great pics of a most wonderful city.

  13. I want to go back now Simone ~ there is so much that I did not get to see while we were there! I think it is a place that it is not possible to ever see everything. xo

  14. I just moved from the US to the UK and feel homesick a lot :) Lovely photos! :)

  15. So many years since I have been to NY amazing pics thanks for the visualtour lots of memories xCarla

  16. I'm ready for a trip after seeing these gorgeous photos!

  17. If you want FUN NYC is the place.
    I stay in Midtown, but always get to
    downtown and the plaza. At my age
    after that trip I sleep for 2 days.
    Hope to get back this Spring..
    Wonderful photo's..

  18. Love, Love NY Simone... and these shots are a real temptation... The drawing is really cute... :) xv


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