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The weather might still be cold & dark but there's something about the start of a new year that always makes me want to declutter & re-organise.
Perhaps it's just a natural response to the Christmas season.

I like to have items on display but can appreciate that open shelving isn't for everyone - nor is it practical.
I like my favourite items where I can see them & enjoy them whereas my husband likes everything put away & out of sight.

I bought a large Le Creuset casserole a few weeks ago....yes, it's for cooking but to me it's also a thing of beauty. I leave it on the stove-top where I can admire it, he puts it back in the cupboard.
I move it....then he moves it back! 
We do find a middle ground of course, it's not like it has to be on show....
although on the other hand, it's no fun if everything is stuck in a cupboard.

There is however something about organised cupboards & labelled jars in uniform sizes that is just so pleasing to the eye. 
Who hasn't been to Ikea & looked longingly at the huge choice of containers & pondered buying the whole lot?!

I think it's the sense of order that it conveys.

I LOVE would drive my husband crazy! 

just look at these drawers....this is perfect for me!

a pull-out pantry

I love baskets actually, such as these from Wovenhill, & use them wherever I can.


  1. Being a bit of a self confessed 'Neat Freak' I loved this post and the previous one on clearing clutter - love the photos. I was always tidy as a little girl and have gone on to be rather obsessive in my adult life and even help some clients as part of my job as a designer, to sort out their chaotic homes - not happy to stop at my own! We're all different, and I marvel at friends who are more relaxed and happy to live in (or seem to be?) slightly messy surroundings! I have to have clean order to feel organised and calm......

  2. Simone, one of my girlfriends NEVER puts anything away in her home. Do you know what kind of a panic attack I get just walking in the door? I want to start cleaning & putting away. I'm very organized and keep everything that way, but on my own I'm a hurricane, which probably vexes
    others. I know exactly what you mean. xx's

  3. I'm in the middle with the kitchen displays - I like a neat and orderly kitchen with a few things on display but not everything. I'm with you, if I had the Le Creuset casserole it would be sitting on my stove too! What color did you get? This is the time of the year that I like the clear the clutter of the holidays out and I did just that last weekend! My daughter uses large Mason jars to store things in and she painted all the lids with chalkboard paint to write on top like one of your photos above! Have a fabulous evening! xxoo

  4. Now this is what I should be doing!!! ;-)
    Happy organising, Simone.


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