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A pantry always seems to me to one of those features you would have if you were lucky enough to  build and/or design your own home....
it's an old-fashioned but wonderful space to have I think.

I'd love the one above....simple& clean with metro tiles. And shelves galore. 

I like to think of a pantry as it would have been some years ago, rows & rows of preserving jars filled with food for the winter.
It might not be filled just with jars these day but I like to think of it as my own little "self-storage" unit....full of treats & treasured objects.

....isn't this beautiful?

a "baking pantry"


  1. I am gob smacked with envy.
    These pantries are magnificent, I'd love any one of them.
    Hope you have a lovely evening,
    Liz x

  2. Great ideas! Unlike all the containers.. Baskets are am attractive way to store items. No matter what your space, there are so many options.

    Thank you for the pantry inspiration!

  3. Oops! Typing from my phone! ..I like all the containers! Baskets are a fun and attractive way to store items:)

  4. Hello you, I'm a wee bit jealous of such great pantries and kitchen spaces.

    Kind regards


  5. There was a pantry at the farm and I remember it well. I love the idea of a pantry and if we ever do get a chance to build ~ it is one thing on my list. Like that last one ~ is the 2nd last picture not from Lissa's house? xo

  6. I DREAM of having a pantry. It would be just lovely.
    Is it just me, though, or do most of the pantries I see pictures of kind of rely on your only having stuff to store that is pretty beautiful? Matching rows of kilner jars, masses of beautiful white crockery, serried ranks of olive oil cans, etc.
    What if your stuff is a load of mis-matched melamine plates, and tonnes of half-empty packets... what then?!

  7. We have a fairly large pantry, but it definitely doesn't look as organised as any of these I'm afraid. Although it is my favourite room in the house!


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