It Is Friday....Isn't It?

photo by Mario Testino

some weeks pass in a flash....
and some are so long that Monday seems like months ago

my mind is unusually preoccupied with parenting issues
i am working on "under-reacting"....
not that i'm necessarily over-reacting but a new approach seemed a good idea.
after i wrote this post lots of very wise & kind people offered their opinions.
i've read & re-read them.
my friend Lou suggested this book....
for the first time in my parenting career, i've bought a book about it.
i think it's time. if you need help, hold up your hands & shout loudly.
there is always someone there to help....

my husband is away on his annual boys skiing trip....
so this week-end my children & i are going to be tourists in our own city.
heading out for breakfast, hunting for some delicious treats & exploring some new places.
walking along the river & just enjoying the energy of the city.


  1. Happy Friday, and beautiful post. Yes of course we should ask for help! In a lot of cases, parenting is done by instinct, and done well. But sometimes it's good and necessary to reach out to those who have gone before us to learn from their wisdom. Enjoy your weekend!

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  3. Enjoy, Simone...have fun! I know what you mean about the weeks passing...this week has been slow and good; my favourite kind of week ;-)
    I love the Testino photo.

  4. Enjoy your weekend of exploring with your children, you will have so much fun! Tell London that I will be there soon! haha. xxoo

  5. You always have so much fun playing tourist in your own city ~ can't wait to see/hear where you go. Have a fabulous weekend sweet girl. xo

  6. At every turn there is a new challenge as a parent isn't there. It doesn't just end at the 'Terrible Two's' that's for sure!!

    We are going through some issues with our 10 yr old right now. Its frightening how fast he is growing up and becoming his own person. I too am trying to 'under-react' to some of his comments, behaviour etc, and am also seeking advice from friends that have older children. I'll take all the tips I can get!

    Hope your weekend is lovely.

  7. Enjoy your beautiful city with your wonderful kids. Happy weekend!

  8. Have a brilliant weekend with your children Simone.
    The sun's shining, it's going to be a lovely day.
    Liz x

  9. Morning sweet...I hope the book hels! Ugh it's hard ism't it, to know how to be. I don't think there is any harm in researching your topic; you'd only do the same for any other area of life, why should children be different?! Sometimes instinct is not enough - not when we are faced with all of the complexities of modern life. It's a whole different thing to when we grew up! Have a great weekend - and beautiful pictures and sentiments, as ever. You speak the truth. Lou x

  10. being a tourist in your own town can be great fun.

  11. We all need help from time to time Simone, whether in the form of books or from friends. It doesn't mean that we always take that advice, but when we are faced with the options, I do believe our gut instinct will choose the right path in handling difficult times with our children. Hope you are having a fantastic day with yours in beautiful sunny London!


  12. I think that is good advice, even in life! I too have been working on being slightly more stoic and a little less emotional. I think it will help to stay focused on problem-solving! These photos are so lovely. The first looks like a painting, and I adore trees covered in snow!


  13. Hi Simone, I hope you're having a fun weekend with the kids. And I'm glad you found a book that might help. I'm not familiar with that author, although it's been awhile since I've read something on the subject of girls. Raising Ophelia was always one that got a lot of attention in the field, and I wonder how his views differ.
    It's so nice to hear suggestions and concern from blogger friends.
    Good luck with that,
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)


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