Winter Wonderland in London

We were promised and lots of it....and finally it arrived!
It's started snowing on Friday & today it's been snowing all day long, it's absolutely beautiful.

We planned to head over to north London's highest hill, Primrose Hill, for some sledging but the roads were too tricky.

So my children are outside making the most of the snow....
I'm baking bread & preparing hot chocolate. 
Let it snow!! 

Just as an aside, I read a wonderful piece of writing earlier today on an issue which I am sure that may be experienced by some & familiar to many....depression.
It was so well written as well as being courageous, honest & wise.
Please go & read it, I felt it was so worth can find it here

Thank you to everyone who left such wonderful & brilliant comments after I wrote my "This Parenting Gig...." piece last week, I so appreciate all the wisdom, thoughts & support that was offered. 

(all photos via London Daily Mail & the BBC website)


  1. These pictures are AMAZING. I am officially jealous..everything looks prettier in the snow...ENJOY!

  2. met an Irish friend over from France in a New York style deli in Covent Garden for the snow!! Thanks for sharing the piece on depression.

  3. It is so very beautiful!! In Kansas City it was 62 yesterday and this morning 22! No snow as far as I know...just frigid!

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  4. Thank you so much for those wonderful comments, it is acts like that and compassionate people like you that inspire me to blog and share "stuff".
    We have lots of snow too here in Devon, I love it, it seems to bring out the child in all of us.

  5. Simone. I just visited Cowparsley and left a message. You're right, it was such a touching self disclosure. And I'm so glad you put her link here on your blog. I don't think you realize just how powerful it is, to risk sharing one's depression. And then to get warm, supportive feedback from others. I'm quite sure she will be glad she shared that on her blog.
    You my friend, have a kind soul.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  6. Darling, this is beautiful. I love the flag umbrella! Going over to read the article you suggested. xx's

  7. We got some snow yesterday and it was beautiful ~ then it went up to 7 today and very windy so all we got yesterday has since disappeared ~ not all though! Beautiful pictures ~ the kids will have a ball I am sure. You are tucked into your bed right now and I am staying up much too late for a Sunday ~ so when you see this I can say Happy Monday sweet girl ~ love and hugs from across the pond. xo

  8. It was my good blessing to be in London in January 2010; the largest snow storm in about twenty-five years, I recall. It was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed all the experience. Today, I'm readying for the storm headed our way; it's supposed to be frigid cold and more snow. Be safe and enjoy.

  9. Beautiful pictures - thankyou for sharing! Snowed in down in Kent......

    Thankfully have never suffered from depression, but my dear late father did. I shall read the suggested article with interest. Thankyou.


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