"Wow, I Looked Fantastic...."

Julianne Moore was featured in yesterday's London Sunday Times talking about movies, family, the ageing process & life....

She's an actor that I'm a big fan of & I think she is more beautiful than ever.
She always seems so at ease & appears to be a woman who has her priorities right & her life in order....

"....her final piece of advice for feeling comfortable in your skin, no matter what your age?

"Appreciate where you are. 
It was Nora Ephron who said that you'll hate yourself in a bikini now, but in 10 years you''ll look back and think, wow, I looked fantastic. 
When you're a kid, you're always wishing you were older, and when you're old, you're always wishing you were younger. 
The best thing is not to wish your life away at either end, because it's gone in a second.""

Isn't that so true?

I have a photo of me standing next to a swimming pool, I must be about 8 or 9 years old....
I'm suntanned, smiling & totally carefree....
I look like a string bean, all long limbs.

There's so much I love about that photo....
Out of all the photos of me when I was a child, this one stands out to me.
I can close my eyes & remember
I look at the photo & think that just about everything in it is perfect....

no traces of teenage awkwardness, no gawkiness, no wanting to be different....
just a young girl who looks completely happy.

I don't remember wishing I was prettier/cooler/taller/thinner when I was a teenager.

I was always a quiet & not very confident child....
I also had a mother who was extremely beautiful,
the kind of beauty that gives you a lifelong confidence & feeling of superiority.

It must be of some significance, and I say this without any feeling of self-pity whatsoever, that I don't ever remember her telling me that I was beautiful.
In fact she said just the opposite....

I'm not actually sure if she even realised that she was supposed to tell me that....
I think perhaps she was simply used to being the great beauty wherever she went, it was just the way it was.

Somehow though, I survived, it certainly wasn't the end of the world!!
My self-esteem somehow remained intact although it wasn't until my early 20s that I think my confidence truly arrived.

These days of course we all tell our children that they are the most beautiful creatures in the
Whole Wide World, I know that I do.

I could certainly be slimmer, my hair is still searching for its perfect style, my face is not line free, I don't like having my photograph taken & when I say my age out loud to myself or have to write it down, I wonder how that happened & where those years went....

but actually, I like me. I am comfortable with myself &
I am going to endeavour to remind myself of that more often.



  1. I don´t know about your looks but you are an amazing person, I love how transparent and honest you seem to be .-)
    Thank you for sharing this with us, it made a difference on my day and certainly that is already a lot .-)

  2. Great images,
    Great quote,
    Great poignant post Simone,
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  3. Hello :-) I found it quite hard to read this in parts as there is a tinge of sadness about it - especially the part about your Mum. I am trying to imagine what that must have been like. I did read once a comment by Britt Eckland's daughter that had a similar sentiment; if your mother is Britt Eckland, it's hard to see yourself as beautiful unless you are a carbon copy. She took after her father Peter Sellers!

    I think Julianne Moore is so stunning and I love her attitude. As you know I think a lot about ageing and I wish I were more comfortable with it, now that it has stated to happen. So true about the bikini thing!

    I always keep Helen Mirren in mind, or Susan Sarandon. There is a great book by Bobbi Brown called 'Living Beauty' which also has lots of very inspiring advice from beautiful and 'more mature' women, not to mention lots of tips on how to look your best.

    Finally - having a daughter I think is really thought-provoking on this topic. For me there is such a similarity between Boo and I when I was her age. It's uncanny but I have to remind myself that she has to have her time and learn for herself that she is beautiful (although we tell her all the time).

    Excellent post my sweet...
    Lou xx

  4. Beautiful, thoughtful post. I'm glad you discovered your confidence and are able to share things like this. I definitely struggled with my self-image as a teenager. It took a long time spent by myself to learn to let it go and get comfortable in my own skin. That's one thing I really appreciate about getting older - I am so much more confident now, even as things start to wrinkle and sag, then I was when I was smooth and perky!

    Julianne Moore is a great choice for this post - so beautiful. Like Lou, I also think of Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon, and some of the celebrities closer to my own age (Kate Winslet and Jennifer Garner come to mind) who are embracing their maturity and not trying to hide from it.

  5. i think she is just stunning - i long to look like her as i get older - she's just stunning stunning stunning - and her redish hair and freckles *tyoo cute*

  6. I LOVE the first image of Julianne you have chosen...she is such a beauty. I think the fact that she seems at ease and happy in herself just exudes her beauty even more.
    I so agree about the looking back at photographs of yourself...I've just renewed my passport...for 10 years I didn't like the photo until, of course, the new one appeared...I've made a pact with myself to like this one
    it's definitely going to be better than the one in 10-years!!! ;-)
    I love your story about the photograph of yourself as a child...and by the way you simply ooze confidence and beauty to me.
    Have a wonderful week, Simone.

  7. Thank you for this thought provoking post Simone. As a generation, I think we are generally much better than our parents at telling our children how wonderful they are - I know I do with my three.

    Beautiful pictures of Julian Moore, and wise words.

  8. How interesting. You have a beautiful head shot of Julianne Moore on your post and I have one of Meryl. I love the faces of each of them. And this post spoke to me... because I've had beauty and aging on my mind lately.
    I'm so glad you had a special photo like that, and that you don't remember wanting to be prettier/thinner etc. I don't think I have such a photo. And I seem to remember always wanting to be better. My mother always had a laser beam focus on my looks, commenting, even fretting on the smallest flaws. And I think it led me to be overfocused on my body and appearance. It took me many years to feel confident "in my own skin." And I can see so clearly how my own self discovery led me into the eating disorder field, where there were so many issues I could relate to.
    Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking post.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  9. She is truly one of the most naturally beautiful women in the entertainment industry. I've always admired how true to herself she seems to be. Thank you for sharing these stunning images.



  10. What a great post Simone! I think it is so important to tell our children that they are beautiful both inside and out. I am trying to teach Samantha that but 13 is hard ~ wanting to be prettier, skinnier, happier. Teenage drama at it's best and with social media I think it is harder for them than when we were that age. I laughed when you talked about your age ~ I have to "do the math" at times and wonder where some of the time has gone. I think you are a beautiful woman with the most beautiful heart. Love you my friend. xo

  11. She's gorgeous, but her red carpet dresses need some work.

  12. I admire this women. At last a post not always about very young and flawless faces. Getting older is part of our life and as you can see
    in many elderly faces it's not so dramatic and bad as most of us think.
    Let's let us look forward with confidence in the future.

  13. I was also a bit shy. Juliane Moore is so pretty, also great at her
    acting. yvonne
    Thanks for the comment.

  14. simply beautiful. thank you for sharing your story with us :)

  15. A great post very apt for me today. It is so true you wish your life away when you are younger and then suddenly it changes and you wish you were young again.


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