House Love : Brooklyn Heights

Location : 70 Willow Street, Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201

Description : A five storey, double width, high Greek-Revival four bay townhouse
Built : 1839
The house also offers : a three storey elliptical mahogany staircase, 11 fireplaces, 11 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms and 12 feet ceilings.

Price : USD$13,995,000

I personally love the yellow brickwork, the gorgeous windows and the columned "Charleston porch", such a fabulous garden space this close to Manhattan is quite a find.
Lots of potential too with regard to the decor.

The house has a lot of history too....Truman Capote lived and wrote here.


  1. I'm just off to get a mortgage organised Simone but first I'll check if we've got a spare $14 million in cash to play with !!!!!!!! haha
    What a wonderful house ...... wouldn't it make a lovely pied-de-terre .... just right for commuting between London and New York ! ..... I wish !!!!
    Enjoy the blue skies and sunshine. XXXX

  2. it's a good thing i have 13million as pocket change - haha

    PS pass it on - giveaway going on at my blog :o)

  3. It's wonderful that these old townhomes have gardens in the back, so unusual for the big city. Brooklyn Heights is a very very special place, indeed. Great post, Simone.

  4. Gorgeous Simone! I'll take it......


  5. This is beautiful...I wonder if he wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's here? I LOVE the yellow you'd always enter your front door with a smile here ;-)
    Hope all okay with you, Simone.

  6. That yellow looks fabulous and the location is Perfect - I'll take it! :) Xxoo

  7. Love the staircase and the porch. Yes, please! :)

  8. This makes me think of Friends, as almost everything does. When Phoebe dates the cop, he asks her to look in the paper for apartments. She acts like she couldn't find any. He shows her the listings. "Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Heights!"

  9. That porch looks like it's in
    Key West, Fl. not Brooklyn.
    It really has been maintained well.

  10. How amazing to have a house with garden in the middle of New York. What a luxury.
    Off to buy a Lottery ticket!
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  11. When are we moving....;) Happy weekend Simone... xv

  12. How beautiful is this house Simone ~ I am smitten!


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