London Life : Sunday Afternoon, Hampstead Heath

London's Hampstead Heath is the most beautiful green space....
790 acres of meadows, hills, fields, lakes, nooks, crannies, historical features, pond, parks, woodlands and breathtaking views over London.

Just a short walk away from where I live, I have walked on it so many times....
criss-crossing it in all weathers.
Heading in the direction of Primrose Hill, Kenwood House or Hampstead High Street.

I usually walk via Highgate across the Heath to Hampstead with a friend once a week....
we head in the same direction but always seem to come out at a slightly different exit point, I'm never exactly where I think I am.

And that's what I love so much about the Heath - that even after all these years I can still get slightly lost there....
I'll probably never be able to walk all of it & I'll continue to lose my bearings.
It will always be bigger than me....
and the feeling of space, calm & freedom that it brings every single time is wonderful. 

It's a wonderful place to walk any day of the week....
at various points, you can get some wonderful views over London, panoramas that you could never tire of.

Great websites for the Heath can be found here & here  - or just head up to Hampstead and walk in whichever direction you choose.        



  1. This is beautiful. Soon everything will be budding out again and you will have the lushest green in all the world. xx's

  2. How beautiful and to see buds on the trees is marvelous.

    Enjoy and thanks for sharing


  3. I definitely am putting this on my list for my next visit - beautiful! xxoo

  4. Blue skies in Winter!!
    I think they are a reward for the constant grey we usually have to put up with!!
    I agree, Hampstead Heath is a real treasure any time of the year.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  5. It feels like a walk... fresh air... a moment to think in the midst of city life... thank you for the photos!

  6. Beautiful pictures Simone! I can't believe why, but I have never been to Hampstead Heath.......definately on my list to go there now!


  7. What a rich forest is that ? I adore nature because it's always surprising me.Thank you

  8. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics I love England, one of the most beautiful places in the world..

  9. Absolutely stunning... how wonderful that you live so close to such a treasure! I love that you said it will always be bigger than you... it's beautiful!

    Thank you so much for the sweet and kind words on my post today. You are always so encouraging to me, and I appreciate it more than you know. I love having your support and love from across the globe.

    And this post makes me wish I lived in London... one of my favorite cities ever!

  10. I really enjoyed seeing a slice of your life Simone. It's really beautiful and I can't help but notice the age and size of the trees. That's what I find so amazing about London. It's got all that fantastic history. California seems like a mere infant in comparison. I was wondering if those were your own photos from your walk?
    Leslie(Gwen Moss)


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