Pancake Day!

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It's Pancake Day in Britain today & tonight we'll be cooking up a stack of them for our tea :)

We like an array of toppings in our house.....

lemon & sugar is always good

blueberries, jam and golden syrup are definitely on our menu too.

The Lyle's Golden Syrup website has some great suggestions as well as a basic recipe which is what I'll be using tonight.....
eggs, flour, butter and milk

I love that my children can help too....pancakes are such a fun thing to eat.
One is never enough!

Happy Pancake Day! favourite topping, I'm instantly transported back to being 10 years old when I taste this :)


  1. Delicious Simone! Pancakes in our house too tonight......


  2. Absolutely love this post. So cute! Happy Pancake day!

  3. Those look so delicious! I hope your pancake day is fabulous! xxoo

  4. Yummy! I make buttermilk pancakes every weekend. They smell so good on the grill!

  5. Happy pancake day! We are having them tonight for dinner. One of my favorite meals and it brings back so many memories of time spent with my grandparents.

    I hope you njoy end every mouthful.

    Have a wonderful week, Elizabeth

  6. Pancake day is the best day ever! We had savoury ones to start..then of course, onto the sweet ones...lemon and sugar for me!

  7. Every year on Pancake Tuesday I say that we should have delicious pancakes more often and this year I'm determined to try different toppings throughout the year! Lemon and sugar will always be my favourite though. Looking at your lovely images for ideas!


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