Town or Country?

I spotted the image above of the kitchen of a "cottage by the sea" this morning on Pinterest & it got me thinking....

....imagine you woke up tomorrow and your morning mail contained a cheque large enough to buy a home by the sea or an apartment in the city....

which would you choose?

It doesn't have to be in the country you already live in, for the purpose of this daydream we won't worry about flights & travel.

Would it be a cottage by the sea, a home away from home....
you arrive on a Friday evening after a long week with food supplies for the week-end, maybe with friends, the house is ready and waiting for you.
The beach, the BBQ, long summer evenings with cool drinks....
You grab a week-end bag & some friends (or just your significant other),
you jump on a plane or a train, a few hours and you're in another country.
Museums, new restaurants, exploring, walking, the exciting hustle & bustle and the new rhythm of a different city....
a energy...excitement....discovering new places

I have to say that both options appeal to me, it's so hard to decide.

With all the money in the world, I'd love an apartment in the south of France.
I could use it all year round at week-ends and there's something so therapeutic & calming about being by the sea.

But I am a city girl, I absolutely love exploring new cities & so an apartment in New York City,  Paris or Barcelona would be my idea of heaven.

Being by the sea is an escape but I also find the energy of being in a new city incredibly invigorating.

One thing is for sure, a cabin in the woods will never be on my wish-list,
there must be other houses within earshot.
We have a house in the Italian mountains that all our family holiday in, it's absolutely wonderful apart from at night when you can hear a pin drop & the whole world is pitch-black.
I love it there but find the silence totally unnerving, the nights are very long....
even though you can see the lights of a few houses across the valley,
every day I am so happy & relieved to see the sunrise!

This lake house would be a definite contender!

So, what would you choose?


  1. Love this!!!
    The photo before last is in my country but does besides the point. Yesterday I found a new boutique in Villefranche sur Mer, it is a bit different from the usual onews. I think it will suit you. are you coming this year? Let me know and I can pass you the address, as it is very new, they still don't have business cards or website.
    Take care, Eli

  2. give my a homely cottage by the sea any day over the city... I just can't do traffic any more and everyone walks around the city looking so miserable and lonely!
    love the images.
    Bec x

  3. Oh mine would undoubtedly be a cottage by the sea....waking up to waves lapping against the rocks.....dreamy...

    ...and here we say towns and cities....the country would be a part of a town that is a bit more rural.

    I love exploring cultural differences.

    Hope you have more smiles these days!

  4. Mine would be a decision between a beautifully rustic beach house or a cozy ski chalet in the alps. I think ill have to go for one of each haha.
    I lovee cities and am a total city girl too but would indulge on 5 star hotels when i would go :) loving this imaginary world we have got going on here haha.
    AND in reply to your comment about borough - i did not know it was open early on fridays, thats amazing! i just got the times from the website. next time your there, let me know and ill come meet you :) xxx

  5. Can I have both? I only live 20 minutes from the sea but I would love a weekend cottage in Santa Barbara, which is about an hour from my home plus an apartment in either NYC, London or Paris for longer stays! And my cottage would look just like the first photo! Thanks for stirring my dreams today! xxoo

  6. I would love to live in the country, but with a city close by. I could handle the city being an hour away, but not more. Mama needs her Target!

  7. Beach house every time! Fresh air, sea breezes, walks, watching the waves rolling in, storms, sunshine. Crisp white, relaxed. sandy toes, outside shower. Dream dream dream.

  8. As long as I can see lots of water I'm happy.

  9. Good question! Considering I'm kind of living in the countryside at the moment, I think I'd probably go for a nice city loft, maybe in New York or in London. The photos you picked of the country side homes are so beautiful though... It doesn't make the decision any easier!! Can the cheque be big enough so I can buy 2 houses instead? one in the city and one in the countryside?!


  10. Ooh, Simone...that first image looks magical...sand and sea right outside your own front door...I'd love it for awhile....but I'm a city girl in my heart; I find them exciting, alive and invigorating...if that large cheque is waiting for me tomorrow morning it'll be an apartment in the city for me ;-)
    Lovely post....have a good week.

  11. I absolutely love the first picture! I was born and raised in San Francisco and currently work downtown. So I have had my fair share of the city. I recently came back from my 4th trip to Cabo San Lucas and I would love a cottage by the sea. Makes me smile just thinking of it!

  12. I love variety and contrast in my life! My life is in the countryside where we live on a quiet lane with no near neighbours and the silence to me is golden! I also love the buzz of cities and can be in London in an hour or so - but it is to the peace and quiet and clean air and space that I return to, knowing I am in my perfect place.

    In my perfect world, I would have a small pied a terre in London and Paris, and then my ultimate.......a chalet in the Alps!

    Lovely post Simone.......


  13. Without a doubt I loved photos number 1 and 5-and the last one. There's so much possibly about them. And I'm with you, I don't like the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. I'd rather achieve that inside my head and still be close to the nearest coffee shop when I'm ready. :)
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  14. An apartment in Paris... *sigh*... Cute post Simone... xv

  15. Love a bit of both, so a town house in the outskirts of the city. Can't help myself, am a city girl who loves the buzz by the day but quietness by night. Have a lovely weekend ahead.

  16. Hi - I thought I had left a comment on this...but it was only in my head! Do you get that sometimes??!! Bizarre.

    Anyway - you know me; I am a seaside girl. I kinda have the best of both right now - live in the country but can get to the sea. However with no hesitation I know that I would love to just live by the water. We have lots of friends who have waterside properties locally, and i's got a real New England feel here, and they are so beautiful. The changes and the seasons over the water are so much more pronounced. Now I come to think of it - the house I would love is in that film 'Sleeping withe the Enemy' you know? Scary film but their beach house is just divine. The idea of being right on the beach is just heaven to me. My goodness you've got me thinking now :-)

    It's been a hellish week so thank you for some escapism.

    Mucho love,
    L xx


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