The Power of Girls....

.....I spent last Saturday with my University friends, a six hour lunch in the summer sun....
talking, eating, embracing, remembering, laughing til we cried.

It's a date I look forward to every year, these are my oldest & dearest friends....
we see each other just once every year....if we can,
one of the girls now lives with her family in Washington DC & actually, the fact that she is home for just a month in the summer makes us set a date....
because otherwise, life gets in the way & before you know it, two years have gone by.

We all have families & only three of us live in & around London, we all have children & busy's been three whole years since the six of us were together.

I love seeing these girls but every time we're together I have a moment where I remember just how great they make me feel....we always joke that we are a mutual appreciation society ;)

But it's more than that....they make me step outside myself, somehow allowing me to view my life differently, stepping back & viewing myself in a different light, they connect me to that person that's still within me somewhere, that sometimes just gets trapped under the layers of life.

They remind me of who & how I am meant to be....
they see the person & not just the mother & the wife. 

I've lived & travelled with these girls and - what I think is one of the most important & special things about our friendship - we knew each other before children, before husbands....
we knew each other when all we had was us.

University didn't always feel carefree with essays & dissertations to write & grades to achieve but relatively speaking it was....wonderful, carefree, responsibility-free times.

We know all the stories, the awful/funny/so-so-wrong boyfriends, we've been to & in each other's weddings, we've laughed and cried together many times.

I have such a shorthand & history with these girls....they honestly do know me better than I know myself.
With such a solid foundation & shared knowledge of people & events, there's so much that we never need to explain to each other....and that is such a lovely feeling, such a relief.

We might not be present for the day to day stuff but - somehow - that makes it easier to step back & explain what is going on in our lives....and, consequently, they are able to see the bigger picture.
Illness, loss, redundancy, career changes, living abroad, our children....
our fears, hopes & dreams.

We remember things about each other that, very often, the individual concerned has forgotten....
we know all "the stuff"....
and we are so familiar, concerned & supportive of each other that we can be completely comfortable saying what we think about a situation, a dilemma or an issue.

I never feel more cared for than when I am with these girls, somehow they can remind me of what I need when I appear to have forgotten or lost sight of it, they just make everything make sense.

I have fantastic friends in my daily life, but I always feel in some way that my Uni girls can see the bigger picture, they know the hidden stuff, they have seen all of me, they can see the things that maybe I don't say aloud....and that kind of friendship is such a gift, it's absolutely the best kind.

....and of course, we laugh until we cry at the same stories that we always bring up, we remind ourselves of the good stuff about each other, I always leave our lunches feeling lighter & better about myself in so many ways.

When we sit around a table we still feel, in so many ways, like our 20 year old selves....
just with better skincare routines & dress sense ;) 

One of the girls commented that we never seem to look any older...
clearly we do, but maybe because we found each other when we were young, that's how we still see each other....and maybe we always will.

We joke that one day we'll sit on a beach in a row of deckchairs, with grey hair & blankets on our laps....but it'll be our young faces that we'll continue to see. 

I could not love these girls more, I am so privileged to have them as my friends....
every year I am reminded how much I need them in my life & every year I feel it more.


  1. A wonderful love letter which grieves me deeply. It is a gift to have such a strong and great friendship in your life, unfortunately I never had. Nourish and cherish this huge gem.

  2. Hello! Oh I loved reading this as it is such a parallel to my life; I too have a precious group of Uni friends and the way you describe yours is identical! Such a special bond and reading this makes me ache to see them! We are all in the same country but frankly could be a million miles away, judging by how hard it is to schedule a date to see each other. I was the first to have children so I am slightly ahead in the 'having very young children' stakes and can steal away perhaps more easily than those with babies and toddlers. But reading this has galvanised me; I must set a date even if it's a year ahead! Lovely post...Lou x

  3. I absolutely love this post Simone ~ I too have not one but 2 groups of girlfriends like this and they are the best. It's the people you grew up with ~ the ones that have been there thru everything ~ the good the bad and the ugly.

  4. This was just lovely to hear how Girls still have a tight knit.
    Remembering the fun days and rough times and sharing.
    Tears and Laughter make the best visits.

  5. Isn't it wonderful to have these life long friends! I have a few friends from my teen years that I see from time to time given our distance. I have made it a point to see them more often these last few years and we pick up right where we left off and have the best time! Girlfriends are the best! xxoo

  6. Lovely post. It's so great to have a a group of friends that have known you for years and that you share such a great history with. Being so far away from my oldest friends these days makes me miss those wonderful get togethers, drinks, lunches and catching up with each other's lives.

  7. So lovely. I'm always a tad jealous when I read posts like this, because I actually don't have that tight-knit group of old friends. I'm making lots of new ones, and that's great, but being with a group of girls with that kind of history together...that's something truly special.

  8. Beautiful, just beautiful Simone. I feel the same about my group too....I'm going to share your post with them. So glad you had a wonderful visit. ox

  9. So true! What beautiful words depicting your amazing friendships.

  10. HEAVEN!!!!!
    Brilliant, loving post about one of the most important parts of your


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