Mothers & Shakers - A Q & A

Mothers and Shakers is a boutique social media collective that launched just 2 months ago and has already made a big impression in the UK parent blogger scene.

I caught up with founder and lead shaker, Uju.

I love the name Mothers and Shakers. Where did it come from? I saw my friend Vicki (@HonestMummy) had described herself on her Twitter bio as ‘a mother and a shaker’ and it hit me: this was the perfect name for an idea that had been bubbling in the back of my mind. I’d already been having discussions with a few blogger friends about working with each other in some form. I envisioned Mothers and Shakers as a network of mums who were shaking things up in the creative industries, while providing support and services for other women and creatives who wanted to raise their game. I do love the name, but I’m equally fond of our acronym, MaSh!

Who are the people behind MaSh? There are 8 of us altogether: Jacqui (@Jax2000), Vicki (@HonestMummy), Mirka (@Kahanka), Laura (@LondonBaby), Penny (@Aresidence), Nomita (@ebabeelikes), Maria (@VeryBusyMama) and Uju (@BabesaboutTown). We’re all bloggers and mothers (two of our members have babies) and we all work from home, fitting blogging and other side hustles around our families. What’s really interesting about MaSh is that, outside blogging and social media, our expertise also comes from backgrounds in education, filmmaking, screenwriting, journalism, drama, advertising, PR and marketing. So we’re a pretty solid proposition as a collective!  Of course when you get strong, opinionated women together there can be some clashes, but for the most part we’re amazingly like-minded. We’ve grown really close and the MaSh mamas are some of the coolest people I’ve ever worked with. And by cool, I mean awesome.

What exactly does a boutique social media collective do? Boutique is basically a fancy way of saying ‘small’ but also ‘specialised’ because of our mixed portfolio of skills. We provide a wide variety of creative services, everything from start-up consulting to copywriting and video content. However, our specialty is helping people take charge of their online brands, using social media as a game-changer. Our goal is to be a positive, inclusive and nurturing force (and sometimes a kick in the pants!) for small businesses, creative entrepreneurs and bloggers. 

What kind of work do you do with bloggers? Bloggers are special clients for MaSh as we’re all bloggers first and foremost. We offer ‘mates’ rates’ on our premium blogger services, which include really in-depth blog analyses as well as social media action plans. We also provide blogging and social media advice on our MaSh blog, updated weekly. One of our most popular features is MaSh My Blog, a freebie blog critique where we take a look at one blog page and suggest ways to make it better. Many of our readers find this useful as they pick up tips they can apply to their own blogs.

Who designed your amazing web site? Our designer is Amee D’Souza, a super creative and intuitive lady who’s also a mum. From the start, she totally ‘got’ us, what we were about, how we were evolving and exactly what we wanted our site to say (and not to say) to the world. We highly recommend her services as a web designer and developer and we consider Amee an honorary MaSh member. 

What is the most important thing a blogger or online business can do to get themselves noticed? I would suggest two things: 1) define your USP, or as I like to think of it your ‘unique super power’ -- basically that element that gives you an edge and makes you stand out from 2.5 billion other people online. The other thing is to connect. Don’t just put your site up and wait for people to find you. Start reaching out to people in your niche, join in on discussions where your ideal customers/audience hang out and use the power and accessibility of social media to your advantage. And don’t get too crazy over numbers -- 8 meaningful connections can be way more influential than 800 tenuous fans or follows. MaSh is living proof of that. 

Do you have any plans to expand? We’d never say never to adding new members, but at the moment we’ve formed such a close working and personal bond and it’s great being so tight-knit and focused. Our size allows us to be selective about the clients we work with and to be extremely attentive on each project. Sometimes the sheer vastness of cyberspace and the blogging world can be totally overwhelming, so there’s nothing more important than finding your ‘tribe’ and MaSh is like a sisterhood.  We support each other behind the scenes, offer advice and generally have a good laugh. However, we do have big plans for the future, including some exciting things we’re working on over the coming months. Watch this space!

If you are looking for specific help with blogging, social media or growing your business online, or for details of our rates and packages, do please get in touch at 

Visit or follow us on Twitter @MothersShakers or on Facebook at

Simone says....When I heard that Uju was involved in setting up the above, I immediately knew she'd be great at it & that it would be a success. I've met her a couple of times at blog events in London and liked her very much.  She's bright, extremely media savvy, great conversation, very personable & approachable - she's one smart cookie!

I've read several reviews of other bloggers who have used Mothers & Shakers for a blog makeover/critique & I know that they were very happy with the service offered.

I asked Uju if I could feature her here because I know she will do a really good job if you want to work with her....I'm also a big believer in women supporting women so was very happy that she agreed to be featured :)


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