Happy Week-end.

Newly painted white floorboards....
looking so beautiful that I can't stop walking back upstairs just to admire them.

They belong to my daughter's new bedroom....it's a work in progress, so much to do but I hope in a week's time, it might be almost complete. 
I am learning that there is only so much you can accomplish in 24 hours when it comes to decorating but I keep a positive mindset & am pushing ahead. 
All very exciting. 
I would love the whole house to be white....it's so calming.

School finished yesterday & my children now have a week's holiday, as usual it couldn't have come at a better time....time for them to recharge, have some fun at home, have some pyjama days & for me to forge ahead with packing our home up.

We move house in two weeks time. Eeek!!

I have several good friends who are house hunting, have just moved or are just about to move both locally & overseas. It's clearly that time of year.

I've had a couple of wonderful emails this week....
one of the loveliest things about blogging is an email out of the blue from someone who was thoughtful enough just to say something nice or something kind....
absolutely the kind of exchange that makes your day.

I received the Christmas issue of one of my monthly magazine subscriptions this morning. Christmas!!!!

Purchases this week....this gorgeous hush grey textured shawl, the November issue of Vanity Fair (great interviews with Jay-Z, Mia Farrow & Anjelica Huston), plenty of chai lattes & an awful lot of white paint!!

Another week-end of packing, painting & organising storage for me....
thank goodness for the garden storage shed we already have at the new house. 
have a great week-end whatever you have planned.

Paris from above....


  1. Well hello there sweet girl ~ I do wish I was closer so I could pitch in and help you pack or paint or even make tea... or pour wine! So good to have the kids off on holiday already ~ are they excited for the move? I have been thinking of you all week and just wanted to say hi ~ so hi. Hugs and love from across the pond. xo

  2. Happy packing, Simone :)
    The view of Paris is AMAZING...have a wonderful weekend. xx

  3. So much beauty on one blog, that wedding gown is #1 then the creme Brulee.
    Be well and take a break, love yourself..

  4. Simone that shawl is gorgeous....and would come in handy this week as the weather has turned chilly. I have a gorgeous plaid wool shawl my inlays brought me from the UK last time they visited. It's a favorite around the holidays, and I even leave it draped ove rthe sofa as a pretty throw!

    And those mini creme brulees!

    Good luck with the move....I know this can be stressful!

  5. There is something so uplifting about white painted floorboards. I have always painted my bathroom floors in white. I am sure you daughter will love it. I really couldn't wish you more good luck and happiness in your new home. I know it has at times, not been the easiest of years for you, but you always seem to manage to deal with any challenges in a positive way. I can imagine all the delicious home cooking that will go on in your new home. You deserve it, enjoy the half term and good luck with the move.
    Lots of love xxxxx

  6. I absolutely lve that photograph of lovely Paris. Enjoy half term, my daughter is a secondary school art teacher and looking forward to recharging her batteries too! Good luck with the move x

  7. Oh yes there is something so calming about white, isn't there? I hope the house work and moving continues to go well - I know how stressful it can be. But it's also such a great feeling to organize, to purge, to go through all your things and decide what's really worth keeping, to put things exactly where you want them. That picture of Paris! Ah! Hope your weekend was a great one!

  8. Creme brulee mini cheesecake? OMG, I die.


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