House & Home : Making Plans

Our new house is definitely a project....
it's very early days right now & the serious work probably won't start until February....
some days it seems like an extremely manageable project & other days, it seems enormous!!

It does, however, all feel very exciting, thankfully.
(I'm saying this not having actually started the work yet, obviously ;))

The house is a Victorian terraced house with 3 bedrooms & a very good sized garden by London standards.

I feel as though I could start a wish-list/to-do list and still be writing it tonight.

On our list currently are....

a loft conversion
moving the bathroom from the ground floor up to the first floor
a kitchen extension
possibly reconfiguring the ground floor
plus re-decoration of every room

So far only my daughter's room is done.
It is almost complete, just awaiting a couple more items & then I can't wait to share it on my blog, I  had a lot of fun working on it & putting it all together, I absolutely love the new space that it's become.

We have plenty of ideas & my Pinterest boards are growing every day....
isn't Pinterest such a great resource to have & a wonderful way to collate ideas & styles and to get inspiration....
as well as being enormous fun, what did we do before it?!

It's interesting as well, that through blogging & collecting images over the last few years, my style has changed & evolved, it's been honed & clarified....
where once I might have opted for a traditional kitchen, the sleek white shiny kitchens that seem to be everywhere these days now really appeal to me.
Modern but with a traditional twist is what I have in mind....and definitely some wood somewhere 

I never thought I'd live in an all white home, I even said it out loud....
never say never though, these days the idea of white - and the calm that it brings - is very appealing.

The room that will become our new bathroom is a very decent size for a terraced house 
("a luxury bathroom", an estate agent called it the other week, although I think that might have been estate-agent-speak ;)) ....and again, I have in mind a simple, clean & pale look.

It's a room that I want to complete ASAP since our current bathroom is not really one that you want to linger in....I'm already looking around & making a list of possible suppliers etc.

My old bathroom had gorgeous wallpaper but this time around I am thinking of tiling it completely in order to create more of a spa feel....this bathroom cladding is also an option. 
We do have a budget & so wall cladding is definitely something to consider.

Lots to do, lots of fun planning! 


  1. Now that my house is close to "done" (still plenty of decorating to do, but the heavy lifting is done), part of me actually misses the planning and dreaming and pinning beautiful rooms. (I still do this, just for fun.) Try to enjoy the process, as difficult as it is bound to be at times. I'll look forward to seeing some of the results!

  2. I'm so excited for you - enjoy the process and have lots of patience! I can't wait to see your finished product! Happy weekend, lovely lady! xxoo

  3. Ooooh, I love myself a good building project. How exciting!! We finished the last one almost two years ago. I am actually thinking of a new project. It's addictive. And yes, Pinterest is totally amazing :-) Dxx

  4. I hope you and Family have a wonderful life in your new beautiful home.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Family.


  5. Ahh the joys of white! Honestly it sounds as if you've been building up to this opportunity to let loose your interior goddess for years! So exciting. I found too that the process of moving (well for us just expanding into the space next door) meant that I reassigned all our possessions to new places. This means the house runs a lot more smoothly now. I surprises me what a different space and order can bring to family life. It's all good. :-) L x

  6. Very exciting! I can't wait to see before and after photos!


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