Sponsored Video : Hot Wheels

My son loves Hot Wheels & this video made me smile, I could completely identify with it....
as I am sure many families can!
Boys and their toys, big boys (aka Dads) and their toys....
some things we never lose - thankfully - a sense of fun is something we all need.

My son went to a go-karting party for 8 year olds recently & my husband was genuinely disappointed that not only would he not get to join in, but that were parents not even expected to stay for the party, as they were when the children were a few years younger.
Great disappointment on his part!

Hot Wheels, for those of you who haven't heard of them, haven't purchased them or who don't have a child aged between 5-10 are a range of car tracks, loops, drops, racing tracks which you can join together in many different ways for small cars to race & drive along.
They can be set up attached to a bedroom or playroom wall or along a floor....
what I like is that there is a great deal of flexibility with them, you can create different tracks & challenges.... my son has enjoyed playing with his sets a great deal.

In this new video, children have been invited with their families to view some Hot Wheels....
the plan really is to get the Dads involved with the "Ultimate Hot Wheels Track"....
lots of fun was clearly had by all!!

Disclaimer : this video is sponsored by Mattel, all words are my own.
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