Happy 40th Birthday Kate Moss!

There've been rockstar boyfriends, unsuitable & otherwise, Johnny Depp & that champagne bath, plenty of newspaper headlines & gossip, being hired & fired....a life lived.

Kate Moss is 40 today, still as in demand as ever, if not more....
as she should be since 40 is nothing these days.

She's happily married, lives in a gorgeous house in a beautiful part of London & is a mother....
you can't imagine she has many regrets.

She doesn't really do interviews, which I kind of like about her....
she's a (super)model, she shows up, does her thing & the rest she keeps back for herself, just as it should be.

Say what you like about her - and plenty do - she appears to live life on her terms, she's a pretty cool London girl & the camera loves her.

Happy Birthday Kate Moss!  


  1. Yes Happy Birthday indeed. She gets more beautiful as she gets older. Who can forget her simply gorgeous Wedding photos.

  2. Didn't expect her to be 40! She looks fabulous and I also love that she goes about her life doing her stuff and doesn't give interviews in Hello! magazine every other month!!! Happy birthday KM.


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