hitting the reset button.

christmas was full of food, gifts, visits to family, plenty of excitement, more food....and lots of wind/rain/mud.

this particular holiday is also the perfect time to completely hibernate....to do nothing, close the doors & avoid anything or anywhere that involves handing over money.

my children can stay in their pyjamas all day if they choose, we watch lots of films, catch up on our reading, eat leftovers.

we lounge around & do as little as possible. it's lovely for me after the general pre-Christmas craziness & also reinforces my personal belief that sometimes children need to have nothing scheduled/planned/organised. it means that they tend to gravitate towards what they really want to do and, shock horror, even get a little bored....although to be honest i don't think that children these days know what boredom means.

anyhow....we did plenty of nothing, we re-grouped a little & it was wonderful.

new year's eve saw us having dinner at home as a family & we all just about managed to stay up until midnight to watch London's fabulous NYE fireworks.

last NYE the four of us wrote 10 wishes after dinner & placed them in a sealed jar.
we opened it one year on...a lovely thing to do, my children loved it & i highly recommend it.
we've done it again this year.
i think we had all achieved roughly half of our 10 wishes each.
3 of us had "move house" as one of our wishes. check.

i've had plenty of fun & exciting New Year's Eves...but these days I am more than happy for the evening to pass relatively quietly & quickly in order for January 1 to get here as soon as possible.

i'm always excited for January 1....every year, it feels unbelievably full of possibilities & opportunities.
a chance to make plans & to begin again.
a day for ideas & hope & dreams.
new beginnings.
drawing a line under the previous year.
moving on.

it's the perfect time to hit the reset button. 

of course there's no more reason that we should feel more like this on January 1 anymore than we should feel more full of love on February 14 or full of goodwill on December 25....but we do.
and that is a wonderful, happy,& positive thing.
hope springs eternal.

it's a new dawn. it's a new day. it's a new life.

regular readers will know that we finally moved house last November & the new house is a big project. huge. everything needs work. it's going to be a challenge.
right now our furniture is in storage. we are making do with regard to certain things.
we are waiting for everything to begin.

the house will be our main focus this year, both financially & mentally. and emotionally too no doubt.

but that doesn't mean that i haven't made a list for 2014. of course not.
and that's probably a good thing....much of the work on the house will be done not by us but by professionals. i'll need to distract myself & busy myself elsewhere too.


eat better.
get fitter.
sleep more.
begin yoga.
read more.
explore London more.
take more photographs.
cook more.
write more & write better.
use my time wisely.
live more.
love more.

....and you know i love a list....so i also have a more detailed & precise list which i am working on & will share later this week when it's completed.

in the meantime, i wish you a very happy new year, may 2014 bring you all you wish for and more.

hit the button. and reset. let's do it....



  1. Good thoughts! I love lists as well, but try not to make one with a lot of promises/tasks to myself that I probably won't fulfill. Though January 1st is a perfect day to start with some new good habits. //maria

  2. I could easily copy your list and say yes to all of the above. I might add 'count your blessings' on the list. Sometimes I can forget how truly lucky I really am. Happy New Year, Simone! xx

  3. Yes yes yes! Hibernation and boredom and new beginnings. January always feels like a clean slate, a fresh start. Happy New Year!

  4. Yes to your whole list! I am not a list maker myself but your list is one that I definitely would have written! I'm happy to start this New Year fresh with all of it's fabulous possibilities. Wishing you a year of laughter, love and good health, my friend! xxoo

  5. Sounds like a wonderful holiday Simone. I too am hitting the reset button and love that list ~ you know how much I love lists!

  6. Love a woman with a list Simone and even better that nearly all of the items on your list are on mine. Thumbs up on the yoga, I started last autumn and it is wonderful. Find yourself a good teacher and if you can swing it, take a few private lessons to get the hang of it. You are more likely to stick with it if you do. You holiday sounded perfect....the wishes in a jar idea is fab! Wishing you a year filled with a completed list..xx

  7. I relate to all that is on your list Simone! Adore the idea of the jar of wishes…..
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2014 ahead!

    Sophia x


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