In Ten : Camden Market, London

Camden Town, London....
a mecca for tourists, for the very cool & the outrageous, the arty, the hippy-chick & the extrovert, for teenagers & the young....

In fact, there's really something for everyone....
you might not want to buy a studded pair of trousers or a pair of platform boots, but the pubs are fun & in the summer the Lock is a place to sit & relax. 
Camden is always busy, whatever day of the week you visit, particularly at the weekend.

You can buy street food in the market, have a coffee, choose from a million & one t-shirts, many many weird & wonderful shoes & boots, have your photo taken with one of quite a few punk rockers who can usually be found hanging around & will charge you £5 for the privilege!

There are several markets where you can find lots of outrageous items....
or you can sit by the canal which flows through Camden, eating & drinking something from the many food stalls....

You can also take one of several canal boats up the canal via London Zoo to Little Venice, I've done this with my children & they loved it.

Camden is fascinating & fun, there is always someone or something to catch your eye, it's a great place to experience a genuine London vibe.

Camden can be reached via the Northern Line via Camden Town or Mornington Crescent tube stations & by a large number of buses.  


  1. I would love to visit Camden Town, even if I feel like I'm the oldest person there!
    BTW--I put your link in my post today. Have a great weekend with the kids Simone.

  2. Loved your comment that I look model tall. I'll telll you how I do it. I have short friends. Ha! :)

  3. Amazing pictures - who could fail to love Camden after reading this!


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