making lists.
going for a coffee or three.
getting distracted.
eating too many cookies.
making piles of stuff.
moving said piles around your desk.
staring out of the window.
waking up at 2am & thinking about how/why/when you are going to do it.
talking about it.
finding other jobs to do.
watching highly entertaining but very distracting videos on YouTube.
clearing out cupboards.
looking up old songs on iTunes.

doing stuff.
the end.

We are already 15 days into 2014, half way through the first month of the year 
....my head is full of plans, ideas, things I'd like to do & want to do.

But....I'm so busy thinking & planning that I've almost yet to do anything!!

So, one step in front of the other, let's do this.
No time like the present....

So many things that I want to accomplish this year, 
here's how January is looking....

* speak to an architect about plans for our house
* draw up a plan for the loft - this is top of our list. confirm a start with the loft-man. 
* get myself to a yoga class
* try to do at least one long walk each week
* make lunch plans with my long-lost friends P & A
* go to a book club meeting
* I bought the works of John Steinbeck for myself for Christmas, I've been halfway through "East of Eden" for about 4 years. finish it.
* find a good lemon cake recipe & bake it.
* complete some London photo projects that I'm working on for my blog.
* check apartment availability for the summer hols.
(note to self : last January you didn't do this & ended up missing out on the apartment that you really wanted! do it now!!)
* finalise a new blog guest-post series.
* work on my blog makeover.
* empty my email inbox. 

How is your 2014 going so far?


  1. Wow, that's quite a list, I have no doubt you will tick many of them. I am looking forward to your plans for your blog. Totally with you on waking in the early hours with a head full of ideas and how to achieve them. Good luck with it all. Xxx

  2. I love a list myself...... I always like to include something very doable and instantly achievable like reading a particular book so I can it least start the damn thing and cross it off the list....good luck!!

    1. Exactly! It's also good sometimes to include something you've just done in order to be able to cross it off immediately ;) Good luck to you too!

  3. I love this - sounds like you're in a similar spot. I'm having a hard time getting things moving for some reason. But I started a new list and I WILL check some things off today!

  4. Hello! This did make me smile - I know what it is to be the Queen of Procrastination. Such inertia when the weather is like this - I am sure it's linked; if we lived in Australia we'd be on it!! I have a three page to do list of everything I could ever think of - but actually I am hardly rifling through it. I need to take a leaf out of your book! L x

  5. Really, I am feeling like a victim of my hormones ... Sad! So I am going to do more yoga and meditation this year ... And like you, stop planning and start doing. /Swedish girl, 19

  6. I'm supposed to be more organized, eating less and exercising more.

    It's not going so great. Ha!

  7. I need a list or two! A nasty cold has set me back these past two weeks - my running schedule is mow completely off, my clearing out closets a distant memory and the garage still looks like an explosion has happened! I have made a start with clearing out the email inbox - how did it get sooo full. Good luck with your lists !

  8. I really needed to read this today Simone. Of course I had to smile because I could be writing a lot of the same things about myself. Oh dear. It IS so hard to stay on task when things I'm doing seem boring or just too hard. (i.e. house cleaning, boxing belongings, deciding which things to toss, which to keep) And I'm very talented at starting a lot of tasks in different rooms at the same time and then suddenly reading a post like this one and getting distracted looking for delicious lemon cake recipes. See what I mean?
    :) love this post!

  9. Excellent Advice!!! I could not agree more as I was just thinking the same things this morning as I looked my list and felt overwhelmed.

    I hope that you have a great week

  10. The month is flying by isn't it! I think once I got Christmas all packed up and put away that life would slow down but instead I have not stopped. Work has been crazy busy and I just need more time in each day to get some sleep! I hope everything comes together and you get that fab apt you want for your summer holi. xo


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