House Love aka "Things-I-Love-In-A-House-That-My-Husband-Does-Not"

We will hopefully be starting work on our new kitchen in about 5 months time....
but in the meantime I'm continuing to pin my dream kitchens & to actually think about what we need in our new space.

I should preface this by stating that my husband & I have fairly similar tastes when it comes to big purchases....
it's just the finer details that sometimes divide us.

I've recently shared the wonder that is Pinterest with him....and in doing so I became aware of things that I liked - and things that he didn't!

Here goes....
a pink front door....i'd have one, he wouldn't. 

open shelving....i like it, he thinks it's full-scale dust collecting, bordering on a hygiene risk!
I take the view that I like to see my lovely dishes, glassware, pots & jars full of utensils, I keep plates in a cupboard but I think it's quite practical to have them on shelves like this.

chalkboards, "stuff" & bookshelves....
we both love cookery books but he thinks they are better out of the kitchen, I think they should be within reach.

white floorboards....
I am obsessed with them....he would be happy with carpet in every room!
Since I painted my daughter's floorboards white a couple of months ago, I 
now feel as though white is all I want &'s incredibly calming too & makes whatever you fill your room with look completely different, it's a great backdrop.
Our house is naturally quite dark so I think that makes the white even more appealing to me.
I blame Pinterest too, those all white Scandinavian homes are so lovely.

an open fire or a wood fired stove....
I grew up with a coal fire but since my safety conscious husband even worries about lighting candles, we are unlikely to have one!
I think we might just be able to compromise on one of the wood fired stoves that are so popular these days, I'd be very happy with one of these Charnwood wood burners.

bare windows, as in windows without blinds, shutters or curtains....
Now, we do live in a city with neighbours in close proximity but I still think that that doesn't mean you have to have your windows covered up....
there is something about the outline of a window that I really love, especially an old window with a lovely shape & particularly when the sun is shining in.

random strings of lights, dangerously low hanging pendant lights, candles, "extra" lights....
if he came home to a hallway full of lights as in the middle image above, he'd think I'd lost my mind!
I love strings of lights, he doesn't really understand them. Enough said.


  1. Cookbooks have to be in the kitchen, within easy reach (to inspire you)... Mine are on an antique pine dressers... Along with a lot of other junk which my hubby moans about incessantly... Lx

    1. At least someone can see my point of view, thank you!!

  2. This hits close to home Simone. I love painted wood and Trev wants everything natural ~ he cannot understand why people would paint wood! I like a mix of open shelving and then ones you can close ~ maybe that could be a compromise as I can see you both will be doing a lot of that coming up. xo

  3. I love your ideas Simone and I feel your angst. You got farther than I did. I created a special private board for my husband on Pinterest so he could pop in and check up on the lastest "ideas". I got so tired of explaining how it all worked that I gave up!

    If he had his way we would be in a glass dome high above the sea...we have a long way to go!


  4. laughed pretty much all the way through this blog ......its exactly the same as my relationship, I persuaded him to have the open shelves when doing up our kitchen he now loves them, we do however totally agree on flooring in this house, and I have also won him over re lighting, he agreed to leave a string of fairy lights up in the kitchen after Christmas saying " leave them up they look nice there " ........cant wait to see what you end up doing.

    1. I am glad you could relate! I think I may be successful with the fairy lights, possibly not with the white floorboards....natural floorboards he can just about live with just not white ones, he does think that carpet was invented for a very good reason though! It's a challenge isn't it!! I have free rein in my children's rooms, so all my ideas are in there LOL!

  5. Well you and I could live together as I love all these styles!

  6. Simone I laughed out loud at your post.

    It is funny how men are sometimes isn't it, they say they are not interested and to do what we want and then they all of a sudden turn into interior decorators. For the most part my husband lets me decide but we have similar tastes other times he wants to take over.

    For instance we have been talking about remodeling our master bath, taking out the large spa tub, redoing the shower, for two years. Finally I have a contractor come over I explain to my husband what he said, my husband decides he wants the contractor to come back so that he can speak to him. I said I am washing my hands...the two men talked things over and when the contractor left I asked my husband what he told him...he told me that he told the man to gut the place and we would start over. So much for a budget.

    I wish you good luck on your renovation.

  7. Gorgeous girl- We need to renovate and decorate together!!
    I love EVERY single image above!!
    We have endless fairy lights strung in our kitchen and dining area ALL year!
    Open shelves-love!
    Windows with no fuss-love!
    It's amazing what you can casually pop up once the fundamentals have been agreed on together...
    He loves you...he'll love your fairy lights and cook books at easy reach...missing you!
    Melissa xx

  8. Oh my, these are all such gorgeous pins for the upcoming kitchen renovation. We hope you get at least a couple of these pretties in the new kitchen!



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