Six of the Best : Soups & Stews

....absolutely delicious, the croutons are more slices than large crumbs but they are sooooo good! 
The croutons add such a great flavour when sitting on top of the soup.

The sun was out in London today but it's most definitely been stew & soup weather for most of this month, what with the horrendous flooding that some part of the UK has experienced.

This winter I haven't been able to get enough of soups & stews and - thanks to Pinterest - have found some great recipes recently....
I thought I'd share them here.

I love chowder & this soup has the most wonderful flavour, due to popular demand I made
this two days in a row!

Although all 3 recipes above contain chicken, I don't generally eat it very often....I have to say that this recipe - and the chowder - would have been pretty good without it, they are so flavoursome.
This was also my very first time - having had it sitting in my cupboard for weeks months - using quinoa, yay me! 

I can only tell you that this soup is incredibly delicious....healthy, slightly spicy & full of flavour.
Again, I have made it a couple of times - and not just because the first time I made it, I muddled up my peppers (it is a US recipe, not that that is any excuse ;)) & it was very very spicy.
Perfect for a Sunday evening after a long walk in cold weather though....

Simply the best potato soup I've ever had, this is gorgeous.

This is a really hearty, perfect Sunday afternoon soup....full of chunky vegetables & super easy & quick to cook.


  1. I adore soups Simone, especially chunky 'meal in a bowl' types, and these look so delicious and super healthy too! Wonderful inspiration for the upcoming weekend, with more rain forecast!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sophia x

  2. I like the sound of them all, Simone...I'm definitely going to make Jamie's Lentil soup here...looks delicious. Hope you're well. xx


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