Take 6 Pins : A Workspace.

I have reverted to working on our dining table since the house move, I sure do miss having a designated space though....
these images, via Pinterest, are what is inspiring me right now....


  1. Love the first image. I agree that having the "right" workspace really makes a difference. I have to have flowers or a scented candle in my workspace too! I hope you are having a great half term. My daughter has just come back from three days in London with her Dad and Brother. They loved the London Dungeons and the aquarium.

  2. How lovely to sit at a desk by one of those big open windows - not sure I'd get any work done!

  3. "You May Have the Universe if I May Have Italy."
    Now, I'm inspired too.
    Lovely post, darling Simone !!

  4. Simone, I have an office at home but often find myself at the kitchen table because the light is better.

    I love your inspiration photos.

  5. always love seeing your blog, sister!

  6. I can see that we both like lots of natural light and the serene beauty of white. I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Oh to have an office like that first photo, the Italy quote in the second photo and that calendar in the third photo. Ok ok I love them all! Haha. I have a nice window at my office which I would be lost without. I need a lot of natural light. I hope this weekend is finding you making a lot of wonderful memories! Steff is home on spring break and it's her birthday in a few days, so I am enjoying these moments. Lots of love and sunshine to you lovely lady! xxoo

  8. I love each and every one of these spaces, but the first with the big window is my favorite. I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend and a fabulous week!

  9. This post has got me thinking to turn the sun room into a work studio.
    Now I have a new mission. You really inspired me this 5 degree morning.
    Thank you , thank you Thank you..


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