Top Tips for Utilising your Pre-Pregnancy Wardrobe

It’s fair to say that the maternity clothing market makes a fortune every year, as women fall pregnant and rush out to boost their maternity wardrobe to cater for their growing bump. Dressing during pregnancy can cost a fortune though, and doesn’t necessarily reflect value for money because, after 9 months or so, you won’t have any need for the clothes that you’ve invested in. Instead, consider the wardrobe of clothes you already have – is any of that suitable for your growing tummy? Despite the inevitable gaining of pounds, you’d be surprised at how much of your current clothing you can use, saving you money in the process. Here are some great tips that can help.  

  • Stick to the empire line. Empire line clothes that flow from the waist down, such as maxi dresses and tops, are a great way to accommodate a growing bump. You may not be able to get away with it until you’re full term, but it’s certainly a great option for the first several months as you head into your third trimester.  
  • Blazers are a fantastic way of looking chic and stylish without having to buy maternity gear. An unbuttoned blazer over the top of a long top and jeans can look bang on trend. If you don’t already have one, a black or navy blazer would be a great investment for after the baby is born too.  
  • Similarly, cardigans are just as handy for women who are pregnant as for those who aren’t. Keep them unbuttoned, or take a look at the cardigans for women from George that don’t have buttons, for a simple yet stylish layer that will keep you warm while also accommodating for a growing bump.  
  • Use bump bands with your existing jeans to cover up the zip and buttons that won’t be able to fasten. While you will have to buy the bump bands, they are significantly cheaper than an entire maternity wardrobe and, if bought in neutral colours, such as white, black and navy blue, they will be usable with most outfits.  
  • Alternatively, you can choose to fasten your pre-pregnancy jeans with an elastic band or hair tie. Wear a long top to cover the difference and nobody will know!  
  • Don’t go out to buy maternity underwear, because it’s just not needed. Opt for underwear that finishes below the bump and you won’t have to worry about the elastic cutting into your skin. Bikini-cut briefs are ideal.  

You could also opt to buy clothes in larger sizes – maternity stockists can often get away with charging over the odds for maternity clothes, while normal clothing in a larger size will often prove to be cheaper. Of course, you could also just steal some of your other half’s clothes for a few months – he won’t mind if it means saving money! 
Whatever you do, weigh up your options before diving into the world of maternity clothing, and see what you can get away with without spending much money at all. 

Afterall, you’re going to need those pennies for cute little baby outfits! 

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