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We are counting down the days until our trip to Amsterdam next week, we'll have 3 whole days there & I've been making a list of places to see, things to do, food to eat etc.

It's a city I've visited twice before....
once on a school trip years ago, during which we probably spent a day or two there & the second time was when a friend got married & we spent a few days beforehand exploring eating/drinking/sleeping/laughing.

There's something about visiting another city, particularly a European one, that I absolutely love...the people watching, the cafes, the building, the history, the style. the culture.

Add to that my children are now of an age where they can carry their own backpacks, we travel without buggies & all the 1001 things you need when you travel with little ones.
The flight isn't spent entertaining them & praying that you don't run out of nappies/food/wipes/milk/everything.

It is so much easier
The actual travelling part becomes much more of a pleasure, less of chore.

And they enjoy time spent exploring new places in a totally new way, they engage differently.
We still go to parks, outdoor spaces & fairly child friendly places to eat, but it is so much relaxed - and relaxing - when they are a little older.    

So, it's been some years since I've been there....
it's always fun to revisit cities you liked first time around with your children, you tend to see it with new eyes & have a slightly different idea of what you what to see.
You also spend less time in nightclubs, drink less wine, sleep less & get to see more of the parks....
it's all good!

So....I considered the possibility of taking the Eurostar direct to Amsterdam, never done it before but I hear it's great, but flights actually worked out cheaper & gave us slightly more time there.

We are staying in this fabulous apartment, rented from the amazing Kid and Coe....
it's a very cool apartment & couldn't be more central....
it's located on the 3rd & 4th floors of an historic Amsterdam townhouse AND it overlooks a canal. 
I'm so excited!!!!    

I found some great tips right here for "48 hours in Amsterdam"....
the only thing that I've pre-booked is tickets for the Anne Frank House since I read that queues/lines can be very long & I'd my children to miss out on seeing it.

I was given a wonderful family map too which looks perfect for us.  

Otherwise, I plan to walk, eat, people-watch & just have a wonderful time.

Have you been to Amsterdam, any recommendations?

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  1. Ooh how exciting! As a mama of a 20month old, its nice to hear that travelling does in fact get much easier with kids! We are in a groove now with her, but I like the thought of the actual journey being fun too!!! Enjoy your trip! xx

  2. I've never been but now you have me wanting to go there! It looks wonderful! Enjoy your time there! xxoo

  3. Lovely post Simone, I can sense your excitement. So true about travelling with children when they are older. I have so enjoyed your recent posts featuring Kid and Coe, great that you are staying in a property of theirs. Look forward to hearing all about your stay. xxx

  4. How exciting! Is renting an apartment cheaper than a hotel for a short trip? Renting is not something that we think to do unless it is for a week or more. Sounds very European :) The kids are at a great age for travel so I know you will have a ball! xo

  5. Have a wonderful time in Amsterdam Simone! Shall so look forward to hearing all about it….

    Sophia x

  6. Oh I can't wait to hear all about your trip! As you know, we are going in August, so please pass on all your observations and lessons learned. My kids are a little younger (almost-5 and 7), but I'd love to know what your kids enjoy in the city too. Have a great time!

    1. I didn't know you had definitely booked a trip Mary, how exciting! Will definitely pass on info to you, I'll get you one of the "family" maps that I have too, it'll be perfect for you X

  7. Have a great time. What a spot to stay. Enjoy
    I was there 20 years ago..

  8. It's a lovely city. You'll have so much fun.
    The Van Gogh museum always makes me cry.

  9. I took my niece last year (she was just 8 at the time) and we only had half a day there but she loved seeing the sights from the open top tour bus, walking through the canals and visiting Vondelpark, especially when I let her loose with the camera! We had loads of random pictures from our trip and some lovely memories x

  10. Ooh I'm jealous lol. I have fond memories of my trip there pre marriage and kids. Have fun I look forward to your post on the stay there.


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